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    Leadership Traits/Qualities

    Write a response to the following prompt:

    • Describe at least three ways in which a leader can fail and how those failures can be avoided. What are key leadership styles/traits/characteristics needed to avoid failure as a leader?

    When you have both communication and collaboration, you boost credibility and gain cooperation from those who you supervise. This is the key to getting the overall mission accomplished  (Thompson, 2014).

    Leadership is a very crucial tool in ensuring the organization leads to success. However not all leaders or those aspiring to be leaders succeeds in their respective roles. Leaders may therefore fail due to various reasons either personal or related to the people or environment they are working. On assuming a leadership position, one acquires power, confidence and control over every aspect in the organization.

    By gaining the power and influence, the leaders may fail due to being arrogant. Arrogance appears when leaders pretend or they seem themselves to know everything by themselves. They fail to continue learning in order to keep up with the challenging demands in their profession. They just come to ignore what other people say thus making their profession and jobs harder due to opposition from the followers.

    The other factor that leads to failure is failure to adapt to the changes in the industry. Failure to adopt and accept a new organization culture is a show of incompetence of the leader. Therefore, a lead may be required to take up new challenges and head to success (Bérard, 2013). The third factor to failure is due to communication by the leader. The leader needs to communicate constantly with the members to ensure success.

    A leader may avoid failure in the organization by adopting certain traits in their leadership. Among the traits needed includes being a visionary leader who is able to coordinate the team vision and strategy (Yammarino, Dansereau & Ebooks Corporation 2009). A leader needs to be a good planner who is able to make implement the vision and strategy by use of a plan. The leader will avoid failures by applying the traits in an attentive and proper manner.


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