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    Writing a Research Paper: PARENTING, POSITIVE, AND NEGATIVE

    Below you will find the details to which are suppose to be in my research paper. However, I have the introduction started and attached as title “literature review.” I need to add on additional information as per below. After paper is completed, I will forward paper to my Professor for review prior to submit for an actual grade. So, if changes need to be made, I will send back paper for revisions. Please make sure this is OK with you.



      __ Typed using 12-point Times New Roman font

    __ Correct spelling and grammar

    __ Clear and concise description of study (i.e., understandable and not too wordy)

    __ Double space throughout

    __ Use of 1.0 inch margins on all sides

    __ NO right justification

    __ Page number in upper right corner of header for all pages

    __10 references cited and used throughout paper

    __I am not sure how many words, however, at least 12 pages. The paper needs to have 10 references 


    Title Page  

    __ Title length: 12 words or less

    __ Title, name, affiliation centered on page

    __ Running head less than 50 characters (including spaces)

    __ Running head in all caps flush left (i.e., left justified) at top of page inside header

    __ Words ‘Running head’ only on title page (actual running head on all others)

    __ Page number in upper right corner of page

    __ Page number 5 spaces to the right of the short title/page header


    __ A brief, comprehensive summary of the contents of the article

    __ Should allow reader to survey the contents of the article quickly

    __ Accurate, self-contained, concise, and specific

    __ Approximately 120-150 words

    __ Describe the problem under investigation (in one sentence if possible)

    __ Identify pertinent participant/subject characteristics (number, who they were, etc.)

    __ Brief description of method

    __ Identify results, including statistical significance (Note: Do NOT report actual statistics)

    __ Identify conclusions and their implications


    __ Begin section with title of paper centered on the line not in bold

    __ Using past research, provide a logical argument for the premise of your study

    __ Introduce the problem

    __ Develop the background: review past research and describe relevant theory

    __ Demonstrate logical continuity between past research and the present study (i.e., include transitions )

    __ In closing paragraph of Introduction: describe your study (i.e., identify variables, hypotheses, expected    results)


    __ Describe in detail how the study was conducted

    __ Should be broken down into subsections

    __ Identify participants/subjects (i.e., how many, how recruited, from what population)

    __ Identify design: independent/predictor and dependent/criterion variables, operational definitions, type of design

    __ Describe procedure so specifically that the study could be replicated

    __ Describe any measures, materials, and/or apparatus used

    __ The word “Method” is centered and in bold on the line at the start of the section

      Results (what we expect, our outcome)  

    __ Summarize the data collected and the statistical treatment of them

    __ The word “Results” is centered and in bold on the line at the start of the section


    __ Evaluate and interpret your results

    __ Open discussion section with a clear statement of support or non-support for your original hypothesis(es)

    __ Discuss similarities and differences between your results and the work of others (i.e., are your results consistent with previous work in this area?)

    __ DO NOT simply reformulate and repeat points already made; each new statement should contribute to your conclusions

    __ Discuss implications of the study outcomes

    __ Identify limitations to the study (i.e., critique of the study)

    __ Outline future research areas made relevant by the findings of the study you conducted

    __ The word “Discussion” is centered and in bold on the line at the start of the section


    __ Begin on a new page

    __ The word “References” is centered at top of page not in bold

    __ APA style


    __ Alphabetical order by author’s last name 

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