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    the conventional notion of the superhero, writing homework help


    Posts should meet a minimum requirement of 250 words.

    Please be sure that your posts are grammatically clean and your sentences are coherent.


    1. How does this comic challenge the conventional notion of the superhero as being virtually flawless, impenetrable and a pioneer of good and upright society? Give specific examples from the text (with pages if possible) to support your argument.

    2. First, provide a definition for the term “protagonist.” It must be a definition from outside of the class lectures, so do some online research to find a source. Second, who is the true protagonist in this story, Batman or Joker? Why do you believe the character you selected is the protagonist?

    3. Provide WORKS CITED. This will include citation for The Killing Joke and for the source you find that defines the term “protagonist.”


    Directions: list a few literary elements present in The Killing Joke. Then choose one of those literary elements and describe how it is employed or how it manifests in the text. For example, you could identify a theme in the story, or you could discuss a metaphor you believe is present in the text. You can also include literary elements/devices not mentioned in the introductory lesson.


    Directions: Google search “Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development.” Acquaint yourself with the theory, then answer the following:

    1. Which psychosocial stage of development do you believe Joker is at? Why?

    2. What psychosocial stage of development do you believe Batman is at? Why?

    You may review the Culminating Lesson in this week’s folder for more on Erikson’s stages and conducting a psychological analysis of a literary work.

    It should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: refer to the text we read in class. You can’t conduct a basic literary analysis without referring specifically to the text.


    In Preludes & Nocturnes many heroes experience a journey. As a result, many characters function as multiple character archetypes.

    Question: if we consider Hellblazer (John Constantine) the hero of the chapter titled “Dream a Little Dream of Me,” which characters act as the herald, the wiseman, the shadow, etc?

    You need to identify the archetypes AND provide a rationale for why you believe this character serves as the archetype from monomyth.


    Directions: please review the Power Point Lesson titled “Thematic Analysis: Anarchy.” Respond to the questions contained therein and post your responses here.

    Remember: Please provide a rationale for why you feel the way you do.

    Please refer to direct instances in the text when the question pertains to particular characters/incidents in the story.

    Quotes are recommended.


    Directions: follow the directives below and answer the subsequent questions

    1. Please define id, ego, and superego in your own terms.

    2. If we view the entire cast of characters in V for Vendetta as entities within a single human mind, which character would most likely be

    a. id

    b. ego

    c. superego

    Be sure to justify your assertions by including textual evidence, e.g. quotes and references to specific incidents in the text.

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