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    Striving for Excellence in Early Care and Education—Intended and Unintended Consequences

    With this assignment, you will have an opportunity to engage in a Discussion about intended and unintended consequences regarding one of the policy issues from this week. The readings present a wide variety of topics from which you can choose. They range from school readiness to performance standards; from reflections on DAP to inequities in early childhood education; from the face of the new kindergarten to changes in preschool curriculum; and from indicators of excellence in early childhood environments to ideas about the future of the early childhood profession.

    In preparation:

    • Review the required readings for this week.
    • Article: Graue, E. (2008). Teaching and learning in a post-DAP world. Early Education & Development, 19(3), 441–447. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    • Article: Brown, C. P. (2008). Advocating for policies to improve practice. YC: Young Children, 63(4), 70–77. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.
    • 2- File Attached
    • Choose an issue discussed in one of the articles that engages your current professional interest.

    What are the implications of marginalizing or eliminating arts, music, and movement in preschools and primary grades because more academic areas are being targeted as areas for growth? What are the consequences of replacing play and child-centered learning with formally structured lessons?

    • Find and review a segment in the conversation with Delila Vasquez on the media segment that also engages your current professional interest.
    • File attached
    • Compose a summary statement that includes the following five parts:
      • The policy issue you chose to analyze from the written resource
      • The main point(s) from the conversation segment you chose from the media segment
      • Ways in which this conversation helped broaden your understanding of current issues related to early care and education
      • What you perceive as intended and unintended consequence(s) of this policy issue for the well-being of children, families, and/or the early childhood field
      • What new insights you gained from determining possible consequences of the policy

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