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    Communication Audit –

    What are the communication challenges within an organization? How does an organization overcome the challenge and improve communication?

    Your goals:

    • Identify one communication challenge within an organization of your choice, through some form of communication audit.
    • Create and deliver a presentation to meet an organizational communication need
    • Identify the appropriate communication media and method for an organizational situation
    • Demonstrate effective interpersonal communication

    Directions: Assume you are the director of Human Resources at your chosen organization. You are tasked with
    resolving a communication issue. Create a presentation of about 15 slides that would be presented to management at your organization.

    1. Identify the communication problem for your chosen organization. Choose one specific topic; “organizational communication” is too broad of a topic for the purpose of this assignment. As a recommendation, browse the course modules in content and also your course resources for inspiration.
    1. Present a solution to the problem. Use what you have learned from class, your own experience, and your research to present a solution to the problem.

    Format: Your presentation should be professional and creative. Add audio and/or visual elements on every slide. Text should be proper size for viewing during a presentation. Your presentation will need title and citation slides. You must have a minimum of 3 reliable sources on your citation slide. Use APA format for your citations. Don’t forget to check your spelling! As a friendly reminder, all words must be yours and your own typing. You may not copy text directly from a source.

    Some tools you may use for your communication audit:


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