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    Module 9 Assignment Concluding Paragraph and Final Draft, asis

    In this assignment, you will finish working on the potentially publishable, persuasion-based research paper you began in Module 1. You will finish the paper by drafting a concluding paragraph and putting the entire paper together. Feel free to add more information to the body paragraphs for a persuasion-based research paper.


    Complete the following tasks:

    1. Create a clear and appropriate concluding paragraph for the topic you chose in Module 1 for your Persuasion-Based Research Paper. The conclusion paragraph should be at least five to seven sentences in length.
      1. Your concluding paragraph should begin with a rephrased thesis statement based on the original thesis statement from your introductory paragraph.
      2. You should also include a call to action or leave your audience with a thought to ponder in your last sentence as he or she considers the claims you presented in your paper.
    2. Add this conclusion to the rest of the paper you began in Module 1 and submit it as a complete final draft.

    Be sure to follow these requirements in your work:

    • Type your assignment in an MS Word document (.doc or .docx).
    • Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced.
    • Do not copy word for word from the textbook or any websites you visit unless you use quotation marks and cite the source using correct APA formatting.
    • Include website URLs for your research in your citations when you can.
    • Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and composition are a part of your grade.

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