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    individual assessment task

    This is an individual assessment task where you will reflect on your values, attitudes, beliefs, opinions and
    learning in relation to mental health. In order to complete this task, you are encouraged to make
    reflective notes (journal) at the very beginning of the semester and at least weekly thereafter. These
    notes may then be used to help you respond to the questions that focus your reflection. These notes are
    for your personal use only and are not for submission.
    Reflecting Instructions
    ?? Think about what you know and believe about mental health
    ?? Think about how your beliefs, attitudes and opinions about mental health have been formed. Factors that
    you may consider include your own experience of mental health issues or that of someone you know;
    your knowledge base; your culture; religious beliefs; social group
    ?? Think about what you are learning in the unit’s lectures and tutorials. Consider how this material aligns
    with your existing knowledge, opinions and thinking about mental health
    ?? Think about how you will integrate your knowledge of mental health into your nursing practice. Consider
    what you may find challenging or difficult. Consider your strengths and what you may do well
    ?? The reflective notes you make about the above will assist you to write your assessment
    ?? This is a reflective assessment. Your responses should be written in the first person (i.e. I think….. It is my
    belief….. My opinion about mental illness is….. )
    ?? This is a reflective assessment-you are the source of evidence or reference material, so references and
    external sources are not required
    ?? However, if for some reason you include a direct quote or choose to cite material from an external
    source, you should reference that in APA style- this is not an expectation in this assessment
    ?? Respond to the focused questions-there is no need to transcribe the question, but do label each response
    e.g . Part 1a and so on in your paper
    ?? Correct grammar, spelling, spacing, point size and margins are required
    ?? The questions are provided in the Assessment Task 1 – Focused Reflection Marking Guide – see next
    ?? Fill out and attach the Questions, Cover Sheet & Marking Guide [on page 5 below] to the front of your
    work: Name, student number, tutor’s name and word count are required
    ?? Submit via Assignment Minder
    ?? Include in your responses only information that you are comfortable sharing. While you may
    share whatever you choose, you are not required to disclose information about yourself, family
    or friends that you feel is too personal, private or is sensitive in nature. However in order for this
    to be a useful experience for you, it is important that you challenge yourself, be honest and make
    a genuine attempt to work at self-awareness.
    Fill out & attach this page to your completed work for submission
    Assessment Task 1 –Questions, Cover Sheet & Marking Guide

    In each part, markers will be looking for: indications of your insight and self- awareness; connections between
    your personal experience and the unit content; your ability to apply reflective practice to clinical practice;
    indications that progress has been made towards achieving the learning objectives (see Unit Outline p1).
    Part 1a. (250 words / 4 marks) My word count: Mark:
    Reflect on and describe how your beliefs and attitudes towards people who have mental health issues have
    changed from before you started NSB023 and since being involved in the unit. In your answer discuss factors
    that may have influenced your opinions prior to your study such as your own experience of mental health issues
    or that of someone you know; your knowledge base; your culture; religious beliefs; social group and so on.
    Part 1b. (250 words / 5 marks) My word count: Mark:
    Consider the concept of cultural safety. Thinking about your response to Part 1a, discuss how your own culture
    including your beliefs/opinions, values and attitudes may impact on, or influence your capacity to give care in
    any health care setting.
    Part 2a. (250 words / 4 marks) My word count: Mark:
    Consider the material covered in NSB023 up to and including week 4 of the semester. What do you think you
    might find difficult about mental health nursing and what do you think you will do well? That is, discuss your
    strengths and weaknesses.
    Part 2b. (250 words / 5 marks) My word count: Mark:
    Following on from Part 2a, explain how you will use your learning in this unit to enhance your practice from a
    mental health perspective in two (2) nursing practice settings. The practice settings must not be mental health
    specialty practice settings. Demonstrate how your knowledge of mental health will enhance the care you
    Presentation (2 marks) Mark:
    A half mark (0.5) will be deducted for each of the following points not attended to:
    Name & ID # ?? D o u ble spaced ?? 2.54 cm Margins ??
    Tutor’s Name ?? W o r d c o u nt in space
    ?? Page numbers ??
    Acceptable attention to
    spelling & grammar
    12 point font ??

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