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    Eco-Activist Art and the Environmental Documentary

    Research paper: Eco-Activist Art and the Environmental Documentary

    1. Topic
    Ecological Activist Art and Eco-¬Documentaries
    2. Select a Case Study—which item or figure from Visual Culture, Media or the Digital /
    Online Realm exemplifies your Topic?
    Ex. Eco-Activism and Celebrity spokespeople; documentaries…
    You do not need to examine only artists and media figures we have studied.
    Please feel free to explore other artists or examples, or compare them with our course artists and activists. You may also examine a course artist etc in further detail.
    3.Research your Topic and your Case Study. Find 5 scholarly sources. You may in addition use non-scholarly sources (journalism etc), but use reputable sources (Art magazines, NY Times, Harper’s, Walrus etc etc). Use non-scholarly sources freely, in addition to the 4 required academic ones.
    —1900 Words minimum (7 pages thereabout; use Word Count as your measure, not pagination)
    —MLA or APA format: and all quotes and paraphrases need page numbers (Smith, 2000, p235) or (Smith 235) for MLA. These methods are preferable to heaps of footnotes.
    —Reference 5+ outside (non-course) academic sources.
    —State your thesis at the end of Paragraph 1
    —If it works for you, follow the “5×5” Essay Model (even if 6+ parags)

    5×5 Example:
    Come up with a cool Title!
    Intro – State your Overall Topic : African American Artists and the Civil Rights Movement
    Topic 1 – subtopic, ie Artists for Peace
    Topic 2 – subtopic, ie Harlem as a creative hub
    Topic 3 – subtopic,

    Some Writing Tips:
    Introduce/integrate quotes.
    As Jameson suggests, “Art represents capitalism” (Jameson, 2005, p. 5)
    “Art represents capitalism” (Jameson, 2005, p. 5)

    Quotes cannot stand alone. Block quotes (more than 3 full lines) should only be used in rare cases when you cannot summarize the gist, and almost never in 5-page papers.

    Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and address that topic.
    “Historically, markets were outdoors…Here are three reasons they moved to
    indoor spaces, and arcades, and eventually malls.” OR you can use a question
    “How did we move from a needs society to a wants society?…”

    Use transitions between paragraphs.
    “But Bernays was not the only founder of public relations, he also introduced psychology into consumer culture…

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