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    Analysis of “Because I could not stop of Death”, writing homework help

    Analysis of “Because I could not stop of Death” 5 pages

    Read my original essay, and the professor’s evaluation and suggestion.

    Notice the structure of the essay that the teacher rebuilds.

    Rewrite a 5 pages analysis.

    You can change my original essay at will.

    Again,Use simple words and sentences, you paper should be easy to understand, you thought is more important than the grammar.

    The point of the analysis is your Critical thinking and your own understanding and thought for the article.

    1. Mention the author, title, general themes, and thesis in your intro statement, but don’t use examples in it. Refer to the author’s complete name the first time when you introduce the work, and in subsequent references use the author’s last name only. Do not refer to the author by their first name.
    2. Explain how the literary techniques convey ideas, but don’t define literary terms in your essay, although you may unpack the literary device you identify in the poem by explaining the role or impact they play in the work.
    3. Work all quotes smoothly into grammatical sentences that explain how and why the quote supports your thesis. Don’t begin paragraphs with quotes. Do not drop quotes; rather interlace them into full written sentences, introducing line numbers, stanzas, etc.
    4. Don’t discuss the fact that you are writing a paper. Just state your points and prove them.
    5. Don’t repeat “in the story” over and over. Your professor knows the context already. Separate the author from the narrator or poetic persona narrating or speaking in the text. For a poem state “the poet says” or “the poetic persona feels.” For a short story write “the narrator explains, “ the voice of the narrator is ironic, thus setting up the tone of the story, and foreshadowing…” The author makes editorial choices, working in the craft; the voice in the text is not the author’s (most commonly in fictional works).
    6. Use topic sentences in each paragraph. The topic sentence should link the examples in the paragraph to your general thesis/point.
    7. Restate and reword your thesis while providing some fresh insight in your conclusion. Don’t just restate the intro.

    8. On your draft essay don’t use “I,” and say “the reader” or “the audience” instead of “you.”

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