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    Writing speech + outline perfectly about : How to create a successful brand? essay as APA

    This is how the speech looks like.

    Informative Speech (80 points) Students in the oral communication class will develop and deliver a 5-7 minute informative presentation. Remember, for informative speeches the goal is to teach (rather than to persuade) the audience something they don’t already know. Avoid trivial topics. Consider what interests you, and if the topic is right for you and your audience. You may want to consider what is in the news. The presentation should contain at least five sources and should be cited correctly both verbally in the speech as well as documented correctly on the speech outline. Each speech must be accompanied by a full sentence Roman numeral outline with a full citation of references in a “References” section using current APA format. The speech should be delivered using an extemporaneous style delivery. Students will not be permitted to use a speech manuscript or full sentence outline during the speech presentation but speaking notes are permissible and advisable but should be used unobtrusively. Also, please upload your presentations to blackboard before class begins on the day you are to present. (Tip: Have a backup of your speech prepared in the event that blackboard will not open your speech document.)

    1- * Informative speech should be 5 sources. Please 5 different sources

    The topic is :

    How to create a successful brand?

    I will attach for you my speech , so you can look at it . My instructor wants an accrete outline witch will be

    1- Title,

    2-Purpose statement

    ,3- Thesis statement

    , 4-attractive statement

    ,5- Introduction

    , 6-Main point

    7-( Introduction- Boddy1- boddy2-boddy3- conclusion) you should use transition words between them, the above.


    9-Bibliography of source

    Each point should written in the outline. Also he said the outline should be at least two pages or one and half. But he wants all of the above conditions like attractive , transition etc. So, I will attach two documents. First, about the outline and second a paper that show you how my instructor will grade me.

    Please do each point individual like attractive , transition and thesis etc. notice, the transition which u will use it in the outline , it should be between them (intro+transition+boddy1+transition+etc)

    The outline worth, 50 points

    The speech worth 80 points the essay should be as APA

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