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    Training Standards week 1 discussion 2

    This week’s assigned readings focus on how individual departments or organizations designed their training programs to meet regulated training standards. Conduct research on federal and state training standards through the Internet and the Ashford Online Library. Then, based upon the assigned readings and your own research, discuss the following:

    • How do state and federal training standards differ?
    • How are law enforcement training standards evaluated and maintained?
    • Who governs the review of training at the state and federal levels?  
    • Is there a federal authority assigned to maintain training standards for law enforcement from state-to-state?
    • What impact do this authority and training standards have on law enforcement officers?

    (Ra) our discussion first the individuals response need bad and good of post list references

    The state training academies are catered towards training local and state level Police officers, deputy sheriff’s, park rangers, constables and campus police. In 2006, there were 648 operating police academy training centers in the United States. They averaged 761 training hours, or 19 weeks. They also enjoyed an 86% graduation rate. (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2006)

    It appears as if most federal training occurs at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center s either in Charleston, South Carolina or Glynco Georgia. There are several different possibilities for a federal officer, including investigators for any of the federal state departments, special agents for DEA, Air marshals, etc. (gao.gov, 2007)

    Each state is responsible for establishing their own training standards, and maintaining their records, unless the courts have to get involved for reasons of civil suits. In the state of North Carolina, the North Carolina Sheriff’s Education and Training Standards and Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commissions regulate the standards for training and requirements for certification for sheriffs’ deputies, police officers, corrections officers, and juvenile justice officers (Cooper, n.d.).  In Utah, the training of all officers is overseen by P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training). We are required to maintain 40 hours of training of any topics we choose (as long as they are law enforcement related) each year, and each individual department is responsible for tracking their own officers training and then submitting the training to POST.

    There is an agency called the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcment Standards and Training that established a minimum set of state standards for POST organizations for follow. (IADLEST, 2015)

    The US Department of Justice maintains records Federal officers.

    The aim of having minimum standards for everyone to follow ensures at least some level of uniformity across the country, so that agencies can work together for the overall benefit of society. It helps train quality officers who are mindful of federal civil rights, as well as best practices in investigations and treatment of offenders and victims.

    Bureau of Justice Statistics (Feb 10, 2015) Law Enforcement Training Academies

      Retrieved from: http://www.bjs.gov/index.cfm?ty=tp&tid=77

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