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    Investigative Roles

    Week 4 discussion 1
    There must be a working relationship between police, police management, investigators, and prosecutors in the investigation of a crime, especially in high profile crimes.  Each member of the investigation team plays an important role. Taking this into consideration, respond to the following questions:

    Criminal investigation may be defined as, the systematic search and collection and analysis of information with the aim of identifying perpetrators of crime; the bringing of those before Courts to answer charges, the compilation of the brief of evidence. It involves crime and problem analysis, the interviewing of witnesses, victims and suspects, and intelligence and information gathering analysis processes, preparation of the brief of evidence and Court appearances

    Most cases are decided at a pretrial hearing. “If you don’t know what happened it wasn’t proven.  If there are any questions it wasn’t proven.” (Defense’s Closing: Part 1, 2011). “It is up to you to decide with a expert as with any witness what part of this testimony you believe or what part you don’t believe”(WESH 2 NEWS, Associated Press, 2011). The prosecution ha a very important burden. He needs to prove four things. Jurisdiction. venue, in court identification, The Defense attorney has to make sure the defendant receives a fair trial. If he doesn’t it means the defense attorney will win. 

    The independence of the investigator, prosecutor and the Court is supremely important for the purposes of giving effect to the administration of criminal justice. Each duty must not merely be seen but fundamentally it must be objectively separate in the interests of the community.

    What it the role of the primary officer at a crime scene investigation?  

    What is the role of police management?  

    What is the role of further investigating officers?  

    What is the role of the prosecutor?

    In your opinion, which team member has the most responsibility in seeing that the investigation comes to a successful conclusion? Why? Please support your answer.

    The primary officer in the crime scene is always the first officer to arrive at the scene after the crime has happened. The officer has several roles to perform in the scene to ensure that relevant information about the crime is made available. The officer records preliminary investigation while scanning the scene to get the necessary evidence about a specific crime. The officer has a whole mandate of ensuring the total protection of the physical evidence (Hess and Orthmann, 2010). The officer therefore should isolate and secure the scene to ensure no interference with the evidence.

    Police management, as any other management has the role to organize, control as well as direct the other officers on how to conduct certain functions. They also delegate or plan duties as per the officers together with ensuring the officers meet their mandate.

    On the other hand, the further investigating officers have the role of reconnecting the crimes scenes once the primary information shows that the crime needs further research to confirm the issues that happened in the crime scene. They undertake more research on the issues related to a crime and ensure that they perform high level investigation that is strong enough to sustain the case in the criminal court.

    A prosecutor on the other hand is a criminal court officer with the mandate of presenting the case against the offender in the court of law (Hess, Orthmann and Cho, 2010). The prosecutor reads the case and provides the evidence to the court for judgment.

    In my opinion, the primary officer is the team member who makes the investigation become successful. He or she secures any important evidence and is able to perform preliminary investigation which becomes the foundation of investigation to all other members in the team.

    Every person who has remove the evidence from its repository should b identified in in evidence logs and evidence tags. If there is a break in the chain , it is the prosecutors job to determine whether the break is so complete s to render the evidence inadmissible (Becker, & Dutelle, 2013, p.477). What you see on TV isn’t true in real life.

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    can you please look this over, make any changes, and make it o I don’t have a many references thanks

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