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    writing nee help please

    can you please look over a paper for me, and check that all the questions in italic are answered make changes necessary thanks.

    What are the significant differences regarding the size of the department and the focus of community oriented policing? What changes, in terms of increasing the size of the department and the available time for commitment to training, will be involved in the development of trainees? How are training officers selected? Finally, provide your opinion regarding the best program for achieving the selected department’s goals. 

    Reno Police Department and Lowell Police Department have several differences in structure and training of their officers. Reno Police Department has more officers than Lowell Police Department. Reno Police Department has adopted the modified version of F.T.O and disregarded its traditional Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (C.O.P.P.S). Lowell’s PD on the other hand is embracing Community-Oriented Policing and Problem Solving and left the F.T.O which it used in the past.

      Reno Police Department, gives two academies per year at the Regional Training Center for Public Safety and each academy graduates 10-15 officers.Officers receive 12 hours of class room training. Majority of the 32, Police Training Officers had prior training with the Field Training Officers. Lowell’s Police Department academy is annual and runs for 25 weeks. Approximately nine officers graduate from this academy. The Lowell’s Police curriculum is based on C.O.P.P.S. Lowell’s Police Department had a tough time in convincing officers to volunteer and become P.T.O.s (Police Training Officers). Half of those chosen had gone through F.T.O’s and were trained on C.O.P.P.S.

      Lowell’s Police Department selects its P.T.O officers using the following criteria; Must have at least a three year period of service with Lowell Police Department, the trainer should have favorable training attitude, the trainer should not have had displine issues over the past year. The P.T.O.s are selected after the P.T.O sergeants evaluated each applicant.

      Reno police department requires the following criteria to be fulfilled by a P.T.O, three years of service in law enforcement, Prior training experience, Demonstrated COPPS abilities, Knowledge of adult-learning principles. The selection process involves, making a departmental wise announcement, requesting each candidates resume, convening a candidate assessment board, evaluation of the candidate’s history and personal training, evaluation of the candidate’s leadership skills and conducting a suitability review of the candidate.

      In conclusion the departments should consider the new improved version of the F.T.O which has proven useful. A strong foundation includes a well-designed field training manual, written objectives, standardized evaluation guidelines, motivated field training officers, and leaders willing to keep the program up-to-date and to never compromise its integrity (Beaver, R.W. 2006). With this it is important for the P.T.O’s to ensure they give competent officers.


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    seems like there needs to be more thanks

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