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    Write a critique of the article, writing homework help

    Write a critique of the article by following these guidelines:

    The critique should include the following:

    ·  Cover Page following APA Style

    ·  Summary of the piece written in your own words

    ·  Originally written critique/reaction to the content is to be included. If quotations are used, there must be appropriate references.

    ·  APA Style Reference Page

    The reference and all citations in the text must be in APA – 6th. Edition style. All rules (including capitalization, italicizing, punctuation, etc.) must be followed. Correct rules of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., must be employed throughout the paper.

    Each critique must be typed and should be about two pages in length (4 including cover page and reference page). Articles should have been published within the last few years.  Any of the articles given under the Articles button are acceptable.

    APA references include the following information:

    ·  Author

    ·  Date of Journal

    ·  Title of Article

    ·  Title of Journal

    ·  Journal Volume #

    ·  Journal Page Numbers


    Book Chapter:

    Colorado, J.T. & Howell, D. (2009). The role of individual learner differences and success in online learning environments. In T. Kidd (Ed.), Online Education and Adult Learning: New Frontiers for Teaching Practice. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.

    Another example (of a web-based reference):

    ASTD/The Masie Center. (2001, June). E-Learning: “If we build it, will they come?” Executive summary retrieved February 8, 2004, from the Masie Center web site: http://www.masie.com/masie/researchreports/ASTD_Exec_Summ.pdf

    All four components must be included in the critique. All components will be carefully examined. Please do not include the article abstract as your summary of the article.

    ·  This is a formal APA Style written paper.

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