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    Win-Win or Hardball

    The case study, Win-Win or Hardball?, deals with the topics or Distributive and Integrative Negotiations as discussed in chapters 3 & 4 of your textbook. It is taken from articles published by the Program on Negotiation at Harvard University. Read each article and provide your analysis and opinion to answer the questions.

    Assignment MUST include:

    • Cover Page with Student’s Name, Course Number and Title, Class Time and Date
    • Number and write out each question; answer in detail using complete paragraphs and sentences
    • Word Processed – 12 Point Font, Double-spaced
    • Free of grammatical and spelling errors

    Article #1: Get Your Head in the Game

    Analyze the article and critique the distributive negotiations style used by Matt Harrington. Discuss your opinion of his strategy and the outcome of his negotiations. Describe what you would do differently and the tactics you would use.

    Article #2: Manage Team Dynamics

    Explain in your own words how multiple parties complicated this negotiation. What role did external influences play to the process? Discuss how you would approach this negotiation and the tactics you would use to be successful in keeping the Big 12 together.

    Article #3: Gain a Competitive Advantage

    Critique the article from the position of integrative negotiations. Explain the key elements described and how you can apply them in the future negotiations. How important is a ZOPA in any negotiation?


    Critique the three articles for their overall value. Identify three key points that you feel were the most valuable to you and explain why? How can you apply these three key points to future negotiations?

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