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    Note that you will only select one of the following prompts and will use it for both the Thesis Statement & Annotated Bibliography assignment and your final essay. Once you select a prompt you cannot change your topic. Please select carefully and take some to consider and review the topics available prior to starting your assignments for the essay.

    1. Discuss the nature and operation of the relationships that existed between the belief systems and the governmental and economic system developed by the societies of the ancient Middle East. As you do so, focus on two civilizations in the ancient Middle East to use as your basis of comparison. Be sure to provide specific points of comparison and contrast.

    2. What were some of the geographical and political reasons which explain how Alexander was able to assemble such a vast empire in such a short time and why his successors were unable to hold it together? Be sure to provide specific points to support your argument.

    3. Examine both the Hellenic and the Hellenistic civilizations and then discuss or debate the question of which had the greater impact upon the future of Western civilization and which was more “modern” and why. Be sure to support your argument and position with specific examples.

    4. What were the achievements of Augustus? What did he believe to be his most significant accomplishments? To what extent did these accomplishments create the “job” of being emperor? Was Augustus a typical or traditional Roman? Why and/or why not?

    5. What were the basic medical remedies used by Anglo-Saxon physicians? Compare these medical practices to those of the Greeks and Romans. What similarities and differences are notable?

    6. Summarize the major principles of the Magna Carta (be sure to incorporate the actual text into your discussion). Why has the Magna Carta been considered such an important historical document? In what manner can the Magna Carta be designated a medieval or a feudal document? How is it modern, if it is? Be specific.

    7. What are the geographical and historical reasons why state building was most successful in England, France, and Spain, and less successful in Italy and the Holy Roman Empire? What identifiable threats would Italy and the Holy Roman Empire find troubling that would not be the concern of Western European kingdoms?

    8. Summarize the major points of Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses (be sure to incorporate the actual text into your discussion). What are indulgences? What are Luther’s particular criticisms of the pope? Why did they have such a strong appeal in Germany? Why were some Catholics dissatisfied with some church policies? Why do historians claim that the Reformation began with Luther’s Ninety-Five Theses?

    Thesis Statement & Annotated Bibliography

    Thesis Statement & Annotated Bibliography

    30 points possible

    This assignment is a required component of your essay and must be completed by the deadline indicated. There are two requirements for this assignment. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions and complete both to ensure you can move forward with your essay. When submitted, you must submit as a MS Word (MS Word or RTF) file (no PDF, pages, works, google docs, zip or any other format is acceptable). Be sure to use Times New Roman 12 point and proper spacing and formatting.

    (5 pts possible) Part 1: Thesis Statement. To write your thesis statement, select one of the writing prompts provided in the Blackboard Site in the essay area below. You may only select one prompt from those listed and no other topics are permitted for your essay. Once you make your selection, you cannot change your prompt so be sure to carefully select your topic. Once selected you cannot change this topic and your final essay must be on the topic you select for this part of the assignment.

    Based on that prompt, write an original thesis statement that you will use to frame your essay. Remember, a thesis statement serves the critical function of organizing your work and framing your entire essay. Do not repeat the assignment question or prompt. Draft an original thesis statement that you will then include in your essay and use as your point of organization in your final essay when submitted at the end of the semester.

    (25 pts possible) Part 2:

    Annotated Bibliography:

    The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide you the opportunity to evaluate resources prior to incorporation of them into your final essay. The process of selecting resources is one that should be given great care, time, and attention. Only approved sources will be accepted for use for your essay assignment and this annotated bibliography will be how you will gain approval for your sources. No sources that are not approved will be permitted for use. Please be sure to really work to identify sources that you meet the requirements (a minimum of 4 scholarly and 1 primary) so that you can readily move forward with your essay. I encourage you to select more than the minimum required sources and submit those for approval.

    For each resource, provide the following and answer each with complete sentences. Follow the order indicated

    1. Citation: include a full reference for the source (following either MLA or APA)

    2. Purpose: State the purpose of the resource: why was it written ? for what purpose and reason was it written ? what is the aim of the author ? why is the resource useful for your selected topic ?

    3. Type: What type of source is it ? what criteria did you use to identify it ?

    Grade Criteria:

    Thesis Statement : complete, concise, viable; proper format; demonstrates proficiency of the topic—–5 Point

    Annotated Bibliography: (5 points for each resource)

    Each annotation includes Citation, Purpose and Type; Proper format for the Citation (following APA or MLA); purpose is stated in full sentences and demonstrates the required points; source is correctly identified by type and criteria is detailed

    Minimum required resources met in full; overall proper format is met for the submission; Standard English and Academic Integrity Guidelines are met in full.——————-5 Points

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