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    UNRS 367: Writing Case Study Tips

    UNRS 367: Writing Case Study Tips

    1. Pick a patient for your Case Study

    2. Make sure that you know your patient’s diagnosis

    3. Review the patient’s chart, MD, RN, and other multidisciplinary team’s notes, medications, lab values, etc.

    4. Use the Data Form as your guide when you are gathering all the information about your patient.

    5. Gather as much information as you can about your patient.

    6. Interviewing the patient as well as family members caring for the patient.

    7. Go to the library and search for 3 current (within the last 5 years) evidenced based research on the diagnosis/pathophysiology/plan of care of your patient.

    8. Using the evidenced based research you have chosen, use this to understand and support the pathophysiology and treatment plan or plan of care for your patient.

    9. In writing you paper, use the following subheading (see Data Form & APA Format)

    a. Identifying Data

    b. Biological System

    c. Psychological Subsystem

    d. Spiritual Subsystem

    e. Nursing Diagnosis Collaborative Problem/Care Plan Evaluation

    f. Discharge Needs

    10. Have a complete Reference List – indicate all the resources you used including books. (APA format)

    11. Proof read your paper

    12. Check Appearance and APA format (must have title page and reference page)

    Case Study Rubric

    _____ 1. Identifying Data (5 pts.)

    _____ 2. Biological System (5 pts.)

    · Laboratory Data (5 pts.)

    · Diagnostic Test & Procedures (5 pts.)

    · Medications (5 pts.)

    · Vital Signs (5 pts.)

    _____ 3. Pathophysiology (10 points)

    _____ 3. Psychological Subsystem (5 pts.)

    _____ 4. Spiritual Subsystem (5 pts.)

    _____ 5. Nursing Diagnosis Collaborative Problem/

    Care Plan Evaluation (10 pts.)

    _____ 6. Discharge Needs (5 pts.)

    _____ 7. 3 Evidenced Based Research (6 pts.)

    _____ 8. Reference List (5 pts.)

    _____ 9. APA Format (5 pts.)

    _____ 10. Organization and Appearance (5 pts.)

    _____ 11. Data Form (10 pts.)

    _____ 12. Body max 8-10 pages, not including title and reference page (5 pts.)

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