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    the Literature Review, writing homework help

    1. discussion :

    Gathering Data: Describe your intended method of gathering data for your sub questions. List each sub question separately and explain what you will do to gather that data.Respond to two of your classmates. Read carefully their descriptions of the methods to gather data. Can you walk in their shoes and replicate the study EXACTLY as they describe it? Offer suggestions and comments.When responding to discussion topics, copy the information requested and respond below it. If there are multiple questions, separate each accordingly. Avoid a phrase or sentence that does nothing to add to their presentation. Your discussion is important to the writer of the 1st Post.

    2. essay writing:

    Write and submit a draft of Chapter 2, the Literature Review, including headings appropriate to the content. Take notes from the sources and organize them according to content themes.

    • Introductory paragraph

    Begin with an introductory paragraph and place the informative thesis statement at the end of that first paragraph. The thesis statement is the major focus of the literature review chapter. All paragraphs relate in some way to that thesis statement.

    • Body paragraphs

    Each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence and end with a concluding sentence. See See pp. 183-184 of the Writing the Winning Thesis or Dissertation textbook. Every paragraph must contain information you have read in sources. Do not use more than 10% quotes in the entire chapter. Every paragraph must have citations for all paraphrased information. Do not use any of your own opinions or experiences. This is purely information from researched sources.

    • Concluding paragraph

    End with a concluding paragraph that begins with a restatement of your thesis sentence that you used in the introduction. Add nothing new to the conclusion. It is a summary of the body paragraphs.

    3. essay writing:

    research design proposal in the following format:

    • Introductory paragraph:

    State your major and sub research questions that you are attempting to answer in your capstone project. Then identify your research design and how that design accommodates your purpose.

    • Body paragraphs:

    Plan of Action: Describe your plan of action based upon how your research design relates to your project.

    Research Methodology for Data Collection for Research and Applied Projects: Introduce each sub question and explain in the paragraph how you will answer it. Take the reader step-by-step as you do your research. Explain what your sources of information are.

    Research Methodology for Creative Projects: Introduce each sub question. Explain what you plan to do to achieve the goals you have set for your Creative Project. Will you write something, draw something, or compose something to fulfill the need expressed in your sub questions? You may have to customize the procedures for achieving your goals if you are producing a Creative Project; contact your mentor for assistance.

    • Concluding paragraph:Organization and Analysis of Data: Explain how you will organize, then analyze the data leading to your project.

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