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    The Life Cycle of a Frog, Curriculum Discussion help

    An effective educator understands the distinction between curriculum and instruction, as they are not synonymous. Curriculum is what we teach (the planning) and instruction is how we teach (the implementation). Differentiation begins with a quality curriculum.

    After reading Chapter 3, identify the five characteristics of a quality curriculum and explain in your own words why these elements are considered important. How do they support student learning?

    An important feature of any quality curriculum is that the content is meaningful to students and relatable to authentic personal experiences.

    Choose ONEof the three unit topics:

    1. The Life Cycle of a Frog
    2. Two Dimensional Shapes
    3. The Civil War

    Then answer the following questions about your selected topic:

    • How could you relate the unit topic you selected to the real world?
    • What meaningful question could you ask your students as you begin your unit to engage and motivate students to want to learn more about the topic?
    • Create a brief learning activity where students are creators of knowledge based on the topic you selected as opposed to the consumers of knowledge. This would involve the students making discoveries of their own with regards to the content. How does this activity engage students in developing problem solving skills and help them to make meaning of what they are trying to learn? Consider how it extends understandings, builds neural networks, and creates different pathways to common goals.

    Be sure to support your response with evidence from the text.

    **I will upload Chapter 3 once I scan it**

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