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    Suffolk County Community College Senior Fitness ISSA

    Your SSF certification examination includes a written component. Each week, we will provide you with an assignment that allows you develop your written submission in manageable steps. By the time you reach Week 10, you will have completed the written portion. All you will need to do is put your responses together, and submit!

    Answer the question below, then set the answer aside to submit with your final exam.

    This week’s assignment:

    Short Answer

    1. In your own words, describe the effects of age on the lungs.

    2. In your own words, describe the effects of age on muscle.

    3. In your own words, describe why cardiovascular exercise is recommended for patients with heart disease.

    4. In your own words, describe the effects of strength training on bone density.

    5. Explain the cycle of decline and offer three ways to break this cycle. Explain your recommendations.

    Learning Experience
    Choose one of the following learning experiences. Perform the experience as instructed and write a 250 word essay describing your experience and what you gained from participating. Provide a comprehensive explanation of your findings, including the answer to the learning experience, as well as how this knowledge can benefit you in your service to your future clients, friends, and/or family.

    1. Interview five people in the medical, health, or fitness field. Ask them to define the term “gerontology.” In your essay, discuss the differences in the answers you received from the various health practitioners. Is there a connection between the views of some health professionals and their approach to treatment for an older person? Explain your answer.

    2. Search the Internet for “gender and aging.” Find a site that specifically provides information regarding gender issues associated with aging. In your essay, clearly define the issues or conditions mentioned in the research and describe in detail the extent to which these issues contribute to a decline in health with age.

    3. Research the different methods of body composition testing. Describe at least five methods you found in detail. How are they ranked in the research you found? Which method is best for assessing your older clients?

    4. Choose one of the physiological conditions listed in Unit 4. Find a national organization whose mission it is to educate the public and prevent this condition. For example: The American Lung Association provides education to the public regarding lung disease. Visit a local chapter and speak with the health educator about the program. Discuss the prevention materials that they provide in your essay. Is fitness a part of the prevention program? Is the program accessible to older adults? Include the answers to these questions in your essay.


    Plagiarism report

    Own words

    I’ll give textbook to use from there

    Issa citations

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