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    Strong Interest Inventory, writing homework help

    This interview is to be conducted with someone in a career field you are now seriously considering as a result of taking this class. The career should be selected from those presented to you on your Strong Interest Inventory report. As you conduct the interview, consider carefully what is being said and how you feel about it. If you become more interested in a career or certain aspects of it, that is an indication that you should further pursue this field. Likewise, a negative reaction indicates that you may want to avoid this field.

    In preparation for the reporting of the interview results, and to further clarify your thoughts and direction, it is important you organize a brief report of the interview you conducted.

    The report will be typed and spell-checked. Spelling does indeed count. It should be in the following format:

    First Section:

    Provide the following details:

    ØThe name and job title of the person you interviewed.

    ØThe name and general location of their place of employment.

    ØThe product(s) and service(s) this employer or person provides

    ØA general description of the persons’ job duties

    ØWhat specific degrees or credentials the person has

    ØWhat caused you to select this person and this career field

    ØRelated occupations as listed in the Occupational Outlook Handbook or O-Net website

    Second Section:

    Discuss the kind of work that the person does and whether or not you like it. Specifically, provide detailed answers as to why you did or didn’t like it. Essentially, you should review their answers and your reactions to the third and fourth questions of the interview. Reflected in your answers should be the relationship of the information you receive in the interview to your needs and values as discussed in Chapter 7. Then move on to discuss their advice and the job outlook for the profession according to the appropriate career resources, which you will of course cite.

    The report must contain all specified information in order to be considered complete. The second section should be thorough and detailed. The format of the report, especially for this section should address the following:

    SAC 250: Interview 3 Page 2

    1.)Your personal preferences as related to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. This was the four letter code from the end of the assessment. Would this occupation match up with your type? Which aspects most closely resemble your own?

    2.)Explain your Personality type as expressed in your three letter Holland Code (from the Strong Interest Inventory). How does your personality style match up with the “personality” or requirements of this occupation? Do you think you would be happy and productive in such an occupation? What aspects of your personality are best matched to the position?

    3.)Your dominant skill set (from module 5) for each of the three types of skills, and which if any of those skills would be of use or necessary in this occupation. This should be a comparative analysis with the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

    4.)From the Occupational Outlook Handbook, or the O-Net report:

    a.)Median Income for the position

    b.)Number of positions held in the field (from the Employment section)

    c.)Training, qualifications, and Advancement information

    d.)Job Outlook

    e.)Titles of at least 3 related occupations

    One or two paragraphs discussing values that are compatible with this work and how those values do or don’t reflect your own top prioritized work values as identified via either SIGI Plus or Chapter 3 in the text.

    Third Section:

    This part should be anecdotal information regarding how you felt the experience went and how it affected your career direction. At some point in the interview, you will realize that you are or are not interested in this work. What caused you to have that feeling? How does this career fit the vision you have for your own future? What next steps, if any, will you take in regard to this specific career?

    You should also include a position description from this job. As you set up the interview, please ask the person to provide a copy of the position description if possible. What things that the person discussed in the interview were not in the description? Do you feel that the position description is an accurate reflection of the job as you understand it?

    Provide a list of three colleges that provide a degree that you could pursue to allow you access to the profession. Where is each college located, and are internships or field experience part of the curriculum? List the classes you have taken at BCC that would likely be counted toward completion of the degree at the colleges you have listed. Additionally, discuss what accrediting process or credentials are necessary for entrance or advancement into the profession.

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