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    Response:  Social Change Through Legislation


    Respond to a colleague who addressed a different type of legislation or with whom you disagree. Use the Resources and the current literature to support your ideas. 


    Use at least 1 reference. Needs to be ½ page in length or more



    Colleague: Kamice


    Social Change through Legislation


                A legislation that might be the most effective in bringing about lasting social change for treatment and prevention of addiction is legislation targeting the criminal aspect of drug overdose. I select this legislation because, I feel as though when targeting the criminals out in the community such as school premises, corners, blocks and parks will prevent  the kids gaining that negative attention by being influenced by drug use activities. However, where I am from, it is a little too late; primarily high schoolers because, there are no parents in their life, or simply being surrounded by drug use. In the state of New Jersey, the governor developed program for kids who are recovering from addictions (NJ Spotlight, 2017). 

    Social Change


                 This social change legislation might support the professional code of ethics for one, because it approaches the problem of drug use being prevented. Not only are there programs provided, but they are also taking this negative impact of these streets and providing more positive perspectives for the kids, and to keep them off the streets.

    Potential Implications


                Potential outcome for the helping professionals are them meeting their goals of preventing drug abuse less, and having them engage more in recreation activities involving recovery;  while utilizing strategic skills to help cope with the issues faced in life of substance abuse. Changing or impacting someone’s life is the greatest gift in return.




    NJ Spotlight (2017) Retrieved from:



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