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    sexual assault, writing assignment help

    for post 10

    Topic is sexual assault

    Allowable sources: This final post needs embedded hyperlinks to one or more outside credible sources that you have not already used. You cannot have more than 25% directly quoted outside material in this post.

    Task: End your series. Think about where your series started and how it has evolved. How would you like it to conclude?

    · In the beginning of the post, state that this is your final post and then make your purpose and main point clear. Make sure to include some images that help us visualize your final point and have at least one hyperlink to a credible source.

    Some suggestions to create a final main point (do only one of them):

    · Update us on any recent news on your topic and speculate what you think will happen or what you hope could happen.

    · Explain how your thinking has evolved on the topic and explain what or who has made it evolve. What do you understand now about the complexity of the topic that you did not know before?

    · Describe and link to some specific organization and its resources that could help us learn more about your topic or get involved in its issues.

    · Describe and analyze a book, documentary, film, podcast or website that you recommend on your topic.

    Lastly youll be making 500 page of some question

    1-How and why did your skills (including any of the following: writing, reading, researching, critical thinking, time management, independent learning, grit) strengthen over the semester? (Make sure to include giving yourself a real and specific compliment.)

    2-This was the first semester I used Eli Review instead of a more traditional peer review in class. Please give me your feedback on it, including any suggestions for improvement.

    3-Since this is a GE course, the university has many specific requirements which include you writing 8,000-10,000 words of formal writing (see file “

    University Requirements and Learning Outcomes for English 214” on Ilearn). If you were to teach this hybrid 214 class and you had to follow all of these requirements, what if anything would you change about the class and how would you change it AND/OR what do you wish we would have done more of?

    4-What skills would you personally like to build on as you leave this class and start to take more writing, researching, and critical thinking intensive classes in your major?

    5- Optional (but always appreciated by your teachers) –wish me a good Winter break.

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