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    Roman emperors, writing homework help

    In this module, you learned about many Roman emperors, and the things they did right as well as the many places they failed. Now it’s your turn. If you had a time machine, which of the following emperors would you like to have lived under? Why?

    Be sure to address:

    • Why you chose this emperor
    • What is it about them/their era that you find appealing
    • Why you did NOT choose the other emperors.
      • Be brief but specific in your reasons for not choosing the other emperors (ie: I didn’t want to live under X because he was known to…)

    Emperors to choose from:

    • Augustus
    • Nero
    • Caligula
    • Commodus
    • Constantine
    • Romulus Augustulus

    Use evidence from the learning activities to support your argument.






    This is what I have so far I got 10.5 out of 15 on this so need help adding more but keep what I have so far.

    Travelling back in time, I would have liked to live under the reign of Augustus due to his success stories. His accomplishments include changing the religion to Christianity from the cult of Divus Augustus. His policies extended the empire’s life span and many Romans senates wished others could be like Augustus (Antonis). He was decisive, intelligent and a shrewd politician. The city of Rome changed a lot in his reign.

    Some emperors like Caligula are described as insane dictators due to his cruelty, sadism and extravagance. Others like Constantine prohibited celebrating of the Lord’s Supper. Nero was said to have captured Christians dipped them in oil and set them on fire in his garden. Thus I would not have liked to live under their reign.

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