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    essay 1

    There is no doubt that everyone of us has some mistakes in his or her life, but we usually don’t notice our mistakes until we get the chance to solve them. As what I see written in the story Mrs.Luella Bates Washington Jones is trying to teach Roger some ideas .

    One of those is not need to take or I should say steal from other people. She asked him that, if he was hungry.she will give him food. As she’s a nice woman. She is trying to give him whatever he wants and consider him as a son for her .

    Also , when Roger was trying to run from her , he did not know at all who she is ? Is she trying to punish him or take him to the jail? So he had a doubt what she’s going to does with him, so this is why he trying to run from her and he doesn’t know that she is going to help him.

    Moreover, Mrs,Luella a Bates feels his, so she may had an experience. She wants to give him the chance to become a good boy and stay independent on himself. She wants to stand beside him when nobody around. For example, when she gave him food and clothes, She wants to be as a mother for him to make him trust her .

    Finally , Mrs , Luella Bates Washington jones is one of our community. She is one of our mothers,so I see that she is responsible to teach us and stays beside anyone needs help. As we are human, the nature of the humanitarian means to help each other and stay beside each other. Mrs, Luella Bates Washington does take Roger’s hand to the right way as the good people do . My words to her thank you and thank God to gave us like those people who are trying to solve our mistakes.


    essay 2

    Freedom in Relationship

    I once thought that freedom in a relationship is the act of doing anything by a party to a relationship notwithstanding the feeling of the other party. Not until lately when I realized that the definition of Freedom in relationship is basically the act of allowing others to do what they want to do without restricting them. It is the act of allowing them to be themselves, to think and act on themselves. It is the act of accepting the other partner to be free especially while with you. For example a man in a relationship should give the lady the freedom to hang out with whoever she may choose.

    The freedom in a relationship also extends to allowing someone to dress in a way he or she wishes to, speak how he or she is used to and the freedom to stick to their own beliefs. Limiting one’s time in a relationship is a way of jeopardizing one’s freedom. Another thing that jeopardizes one’s freedom in the relationship is restricting one on whom to associate and hang out with.

    Freedom in relationship extends all the way to decision making. The decision should not be made by one party. Parties to a relationship should square everything in relationship and allow themselves to express feelings towards a given decision. The decision of one should not be unfair to the other party as this will jeopardize the freedom. So in other words, communication in the relationship is very important as it allows every party to a relationship to express the feeling towards something or an idea made by one party.

    Even though there is freedom in a relationship, it doesn’t mean the parties will not have obligations towards one another. They do. Respect and being considerate are just but examples of obligations in any relationship.

    For any relationship to move on then there must be freedom. The parties should look back at how their lives looked like before they entered into relationship and after reviewing then they should try as much as they can to accommodate themselves into those previous lives. Both halves in the relationship should have freedom to be themselves, never accept to conform to the ideas that other people think of them.

    Freedom in a relationship is not about forcing one half to see you when his or her schedule does not fit to as this will jeopardize it instead.

    In conclusion, I would say freedom in a relationship is a give and take. If you truly love one another then freedom should not be restricted. Just because you cannot make sufficient decision in a relationship does not means that you should mould yourself in order to fit to it. One needs to be oneself, true self and avoid molding to fit into a relationship. Freedom is the act of showing who you really are in the heart and not who you pretend to be. Freedom is all about loving someone because you genuinely do and not loving one because you just have to. Tell him or her you feel. As I said, communication in a relationship plays an integral role in ensuring that the parties express their concerns and feelings. The parties should be free to share the feelings on what they think will make them comfortable. And when it comes to distance relationships, then phone call would be enough, at least once or twice in a day. For this reason, both parties will feel secure and build trust on one another.


    essay 3

    As we are human, it’s normal for us to make mistakes in our life,so we should pass the mistakes by our determination. Related to the story Richard made too many mistakes, and I will discuss three of his mistakes.

    First of all, when Richard had lost his job, it was completely wrong. Because sometimes the man could make the wrong decision , he should be more patient with himself. In my view I see that , he made the wrong decision when he lost his job. That could give him free time, and sometimes the free time could be negatively affect on the man or on the human. Because he lost his job,he stayed lonely for a while then he started to create some Illusions thinks and believe them .

    In addition to that, Richard started to blamed his marriage for the downside. Richard was blaming his marriage without even reasons, so he most be wrong because he did not give him self more time either blaming him marriage without any reason. He should believe that the human need sometimes to stay away from people and organize their ideas about the life. I I have the chance to recommend him I would say that he should learn from the situation he was in it and being with him self so patient Also give him the chance many times

    Also the most mistake he did it in my view. When he read the philosophy book . As we are human , we normal affected by other things in our life . In instance, movies, books and characters, so he most affected by the philosophy book. I other word philosophy book could affect negatively on the readers. Because he read the philosophy book in hard situation, he changed his mind by himself,but unfortunately that was not a a good change in my opinion 8 would say that to him do not read philosophy book when you are on hard situation because that could be negatively on you .

    Finally I wrote what I see so important to him and me and it could be helpful for him . I discussed three ideas they are Lost his job, blame his marriage and read book in hard situation. All of those ideas were not wrong, but he used them in the wrong time.

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