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    researching information security jobs

    for this assignment I would like you to visit the following websites:




    I want you to start researching information security jobs that seem interesting to you. Try this by looking at the course textbook index, and look at the topics we will cover in the course. For the assignment:

    Part 1 –

    1-5 sentences for each question (no sourcing or citations required; You can have more sentences for #6, as this is very important).

    1. Share the search terms you used, and why.

    2. How many jobs did you find?

    3. Choose 3 of your favorite jobs, and include the title and description of the job.

    4. What was most interesting about the job(s) you found?

    5. What seemed the most daunting about the job description?

    6. What did you NOT understand about the job? Which tools do you need to learn/know? What certifications were required?

    7. How long do you think you would stay in the jobs you selected, and why?

    8. Consider “information security” as part of the larger whole of “security.” Describe how jobs differ between the disciplines.

    9. Describe 3 different disciplines within the security profession.

    In your description answer the following questions:

    a. How they differ

    b. How the career tracks differ in next jobs

    c. Where each track would take you in the profession

    Please submit a word document here. There are no too job searches or paper that should be the same. There will of course be similarities – but this assignment is really FOR YOU to help focus your thoughts about how to later do a job search. Pay careful attention to #6, as follow-on homework assignments this semester will build off of your research to this question.


    topics that we will cover in the course:

    Threats, Attacks, and Countermeasures

    Organizational Security Planning and Policies, Legal and Ethical Issues

    Network Security I, Wireless Security, Network Attacks

    Physical Security / Digital Forensics

    Application and Data security

    Incident Response

    Data Protection and Host Hardening / Cloud Security

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