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    : Research your chosen forensic psych topic


    Forensic power point

    Objective: Students are to create a 15 slide power point on STALKIN

    Directions: Research your chosen forensic psych topic. Use information from at least 3credible sources(the textbook can count as 1 source) and create a 15 slide power point presentation about the forensic topic that you chose.


    1. 1.         A  well-developed, well-researched 15 slide power point presentation on a chosen forensic psychology topic.(graphics should be included in at least three of the slides)
    2. 2.         Include the most current information about your topic by using at least 3 credible sources. (You have the freedom to decide what you think is the most important information about your topic)
    3. 3.         The first slide should include your name and topic. (CATINA WILLIAMS TOPICIS STALKING)
    4. 4.         The 12th and 13th slide should consist of an assessment (short quiz) that asks questions about your topic that your classmates should be able to answer after having read your powerpoint presentation. This quiz can be any format that you choose…multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank etc.
    5. 5.         The 14th slide should consist of the correct answers to the assessment questions from slides 12 and 13 so that your classmates can “grade” themselves.
    6. 6.         The last (15th) slide should include your 3 or more credible sources.
    7. 7.         Spelling and punctuation count!!!
    8. 8.         The powerpoint should be saved as a powerpoint file and sent to me as an EMAIL ATTACHMENT. PLEASE TYPE IN THE SUBJECT BOX OF THE EMAIL YOUR COURSE SECTION AND POWERPOINT.
    9. 9.         The powerpoint should also be submitted in DISCUSSION BOARD where it says to submit powerpoints. This is extremely important so that your classmates can learn about all of the topics.
    10. 10.       Once all powerpoints are submitted in discussion board, please read them and take the quizzes(self-assess..you do not turn in quiz answers to me) on each of the  topics. You should submit questions or appropriate comments to at least 5 of your classmates concerning their powerpoints.
    11. 11.       Be prepared to reply to questions/comments that your classmates may have for you about your presentation.
    12. 12.       This assignment should be submitted to me via email and posted on discussion board by noon on November 6th.

    Grading: In order to earn an A, all requirements must be met. Any requirements that are not met will result in points being deducted from your grade. This assignment counts for 25% of your final average in the course.

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