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    After careful review of Chapter 8 and the information on reflective listening, look at the reflective listening exercises on pages 180–186. Choose three statements from three different groups to complete for this week’s discussion. The groups are labeled Reflective Listening l-Reflective Listening VI, so you will end up with an example from three of the six groups. Use the following format for each of the three statements you chose, and post all three of these as your initial response to the Discussion topic.

    After you have completed your statements, answer the following questions:

    • How did it feel to reflectively listen and respond in these examples?
    • Why does reflective listening not involve advice or solutions?
    • You do not have to agree with the client to be a good reflective listener — why is this?

    Post your work directly to the message box in the Discussion Board; do not post it by attachment.

    For each of the three statements, complete the following:

    Client Statement: (Typed exactly as it appears in the text)

    Example: “I never meant to get pregnant. I know everyone says that, but I didn’t! I can’t think straight. What about my job and school and all my plans? I feel sick. I feel all the time like I’m going to faint.”

    Feeling: (Use only feeling words that you think best describe how this person is feeling.)

    Example: Scared, panicked, overwhelmed, alone

    Empathic Response: (Type a short sentence that reflects the feeling back to the client.)

    Example: It sounds like you are really feeling overwhelmed.

    (Refer back to page 157 in Chapter 7 to view examples of opening questions that will help you to start to respond to your clients’ feelings. There are a few listed below.)

    “That must have made you feel…”

    “You must feel…”

    “You must have felt…”

    “That must have been…”

    “It sounds like you are really feeling…”

    “You must be…”

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