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    quantitative methodologic matrix

    ARTICLE TO USE: Rowley, B., Kerr, M., Van Poperin, J., Everett, C., Stommel, M., & Lehto, R. H. (2015). Perioperative warming in surgical patients: A comparison of interventions. Clinical Nursing Research, 24(4), 432-441.


    In this assignment, the student will read the quantitative study provided and complete a methodologic matrix utilizing the format presented below placing the information in the matrix. MUST BE LESS THAN 6% TURNITIN SCORE!!!


    1. Complete the quantitative methodologic matrix below utilizing the heading presented.

    2.Information should be in bulleted format, not narrative paragraphs.

    3.Include a title page and reference page.


    4.The quantitative methodologic matrix should be in landscape page design whereas the title page and reference should be in portrait page design. Complete in Microsoft Word

    5.APA format is required (attention to spelling/grammar, a title page, and reference page). The assignment does not require an introduction, purpose statement, or conclusion.

    Quantitative Methodologic Matrix

    Author/Year Research Design Purpose Hypothesis Sample Method/Size Theoretical Model Data Collection


    Quantitative Matrix Grading Rubric


    Criteria Max Points Points Achieved Comments
    Research Design 1
    Purpose of the Study 1
    Hypothesis 1
    Sample Size/Method 1
    Theoretical Model 1
    Data Collection 1
    APA format up to 10% deduction (-0.6)
    Up to 10% deduction of the assignment grade for errors in APA style: title page, references, grammar, spelling, and format

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