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    public health-human sexuality essay, history homework help



    Each student is required to write and post an ORIGINAL paper of at least 2,000 words addressing one of the topics listed below.The paper should utilize standard English, cite a minimum of eleven references — five (5) non-Internet resources (there is no limit in the number of Internet sources) — and present a coherent discussion of the topic. As denoted in the syllabus, “Just providing a paper that meets the minimum expectations of the assignment (e.g., 2,000 words) by no means ensures that a student will receive 90% or more of the total possible points.

    Prompts for enhancing the paper

    • Refer to key aspect(s) of the book, class notes, or websites that are particularly useful, meaningful, to you and have an application to the paper.
    • Share sources of relevant information (e.g., websites or research findings).
    • Share information not included in book, class notes, or websites (e.g., relevant theory, ethical or political issues related to the topic).
    • Make a contribution to an earlier contributor’s input meaningful to other readers.
    • References must be provided for information that is not your own.Be sure that the references are from the last 5-10 years. Use APA citation style for your references.

    Topics for this semester are:

    1) Online sites such as craigslist.com facilitate the meeting of people for sexual encounters.Describe the process a typical person might employ in setting up a sexual encounter with someone and the negotiation process that takes place before a meeting takes place.Be sure to discuss the ethical, moral, and legal issues associated with these types of sexual encounters.

    2) US law makes it illegal to travel to foreign countries for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity or so called “sex tours.”Discuss the ethical and legal issues associated with the “sex tours” undertaken by some Americans to foreign countries.Provide a profile of the people who are most likely to undertake these tours? Cost? How people find about the?

    3) Recent advances in research dealing with male contraceptives indicate we could potentially have a male contraceptive method widely available in five (5) years. Discuss the pros and cons of male contraceptives, would they be used, what form would be most appropriate, and who should pay for them. If you are a male discuss reasons you would use them or not. If you are a female discuss what your expectations would be a sexual partner if a male contraceptive method would be available. If you are non-heterosexual provide a hypothetical answer to this questions.

    4) Choose a topic of your interest from any of the Chapters 1-14. If you choose a topic which was covered in one of the chapters for this course, you must conduct literature research using sources in addition to the sources cited in the text.

    èBe sure to use your word count option to count the number of words used in your

    “paper.”Be sure to include the number of words at the end of your paper. ç

    The deadline for this assignment is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 5th. ALL papers must be submitted through blackboard.

    [1] References must be between 5-10 years old.Statistics must be from within the last five (5) years.

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