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    provide a demographic profile of the patients.

    1. Select not more than 10 variables that you think can be used to examine the sources of health information from the sample. Include variables indicated in the table to provide a demographic profile of the patients. You can collapse variables as you wish to prepare/create variables for your study.

    2. Select a title for your report.

    3. Using relevant variables, describe the data using graphs, frequencies, and descriptives. Use the output from these analytical methods to discuss issues related to the use of the Internet for health information.

    4. Include a minimum of 4 scholarly references to support your arguments. Use APA style.

    5. Be innovative! Do all you can using SPSS and your research skills to create an informative report on the subject.

    6. Your report should be between 4 and 5 pages in length. Include only relevant SPSS output.

    7. The deadline is by 11:59pm, Sunday, April 29th, 2018.

    Here is a sample outline


    Technology and health in modern society

    Purpose of your analysis/Report

    Background/Literature Review: 

    What role does internet access, use of cell phones have in health care, health care access, and health information seeking?

    What type of health information do adults seek online?

    Are there age differences in health information seeking?

    Are there gender differences in health information seeking?


    Describe the methods for developing your report as a secondary data analysis.  Look up what is meant by secondary data analysis and provide that description in the context of your report. Make sure you cite your sources.

    Include here what variables you will be analyzing for your report.  For example, some people may look at variables Q20 through Q22o for ideas on what to analyze.


    Report the descriptive characteristics of your sample in a single table (e.g. breakdown by gender, age, etc. Report the characteristics using the table provided. Of course, you need to fill in the data. To run the frequencies to get the information to complete the table, assign missing values first, then you can run all the frequencies at once by including all the variables you need in the frequency analysis.

    Table 1. DescriptiveCharacteristics of Sample

    Variables Total Sample N=
    n Valid %
    Gender (sex)
    Age Categories (agegrp)
    18-24 years
    25-34 years
    35-44 years
    45-54 years
    55-64 years
    65 years and older
    Marital Status(mar)
    Single/Never Married
    Married/Living With Partner
    Level of Education (educ)
    Less than High School
    High School/GED
    Technical School/Some College
    College Graduate &/ Higher degree
    RACE (race)
    Community Type (usr)
    Health Status (q16)
    Only Fair

    Write up a summary of your results.

    What did the other variables that you used to examine health information seeking show?


    What did you find out from your study?

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