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    Project: End the fed essay, writing homework help

    Essay, English
    Project: End the fed

    Project description
    Final Research Paper.

    The finished research paper for this class must be 12-15 pages in length (at least 12 full pages of text +bibliography)
    Supported with evidence from at least 8 credible and appropriate sources Appropriately cited in MLA, including a Works Cited or References list
    Argumentative: the thesis must make a claim, and the paper must develop and explain the reasons and evidence which support that claim Inclusive of at least one counterargument Appropriate to its audience (the class, or more broadly the academic community)

    Your paper must be submitted to the SafeAssign tool before you submit the final copy.

    Write a 3-page essay that uses two of your sources for your final research project. The essay should integrate the ideas found in the sources with your own ideas. You might choose to write this from the point of view of your opposition (counterarguments) or to have this be a short exploration of the thesis of your final paper or be an exploration of one of your subtopics or sections.

    Notice that this assignment requires you to use APA in the formatting of the paper and the citations. You should also include a References list, not a Works Cited list. Refer to Tab 7, Documentation Matters: APA Style, in Writing Matters.

    Make sure to:
    have a title and title page done according to proper APA formatting use proper APA in-text citation
    include a References page have a clear thesis for the essay (this may or may not be the same as your thesis for your project)
    integrate quotes well (citation sandwich) give credit for all paraphrased and summarized material as well as for direct quotes
    have a fully developed introduction and conclusion use the sources to support a thesis

    Remember that this is not a summary exercise you should be using the sources to support a thesis. This is also not a critique of the sources the sources should be used to support a thesis about your topic.

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