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    Presentation of Relevance of Metrics

    Presentation of Relevance of Metrics

    write a 1 page presentation, use the most simple words, I will make the ppt.You must choose 2 articles from the link that I will upload you later.

    Articles for Presentation Relevance of Metrics;

    Chapter 18: Promotion
    Ailawadi, Kusum L., Bari A. Harlam, Jacques Cesar, and David Trounce (2007). Quantifying and improving promotion effectiveness at CVS. Marketing Science, 26 (4, July-

    August), 566-575.
    DeGaris, Larry, Corrie West and Mark Dodds (2009). Leveraging and activating NASCAR sponsorships with NASCAR-linked sales promotions. Journal of Sponsorship, 3 (1),

    Esteban-Bravo, Mercedes, José M. Múgica, and Jose M. Vidal-Sanz (2009). Magazine sales promotion: a dynamic response analysis. Journal of Advertising, 38 (1), 137-146.
    Haans, Hans and Els Gijsbrechts (2011). One-deal-fits-all? On category sales promotion effectiveness in smaller versus larger supermarkets. Journal of Retailing, 87

    Johnson, Laura Keller (2003). Promotions and the bottom line. MIT Sloan Management Review, Summer, 6-7.
    Mittal, Manish and Poojae Sethi (2011). The effectiveness of sales promotion tools among Indian consumers: an empirical study. Journal of Promotion Management, 17,165

    Palazon, Mariola and Elena Delgado-Ballester (2009). Effectiveness of price discounts and premium promotions. Psychology & Marketing, 26 (12), 1108-1129.
    Rizvi, Syeda Nazish Zehra, Sadia Malik, and Syeda Farheen Batul Zaidi (2012). Short term and long term impact of sales promotion on organizations’ profitability: a

    comparative study between convenience and shopping goods. International Journal of Business and Management, 7 (5), 247-255.
    Zhang, Jie and Michel Wedel (2009). The effectiveness of customized promotions in online and offline stores. Journal of Marketing Research, 46 (April), 190-206.
    Ziliani, Cristina (2006). Target promotions: how to measure and improve promotional effectiveness through individual customer information. Journal of Targeting,

    Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 14, 3, 249-259.
    Chapter 19: Advertising Media
    Bruce, Norris I., Natasha Zhang Foutz, and Ceren Kolsarici (2012). Dynamic effectiveness of advertising and word of mouth in sequential distribution of new products.

    Journal of Marketing Research, 49 (August), 469-486.
    Henningsen, Sina, Rebecca Heuke, and Michel Clement (2011). Determinants of advertising effectiveness: the development of an international advertising elasticity

    database and a meta-analysis. Business Research, 4 (2), 193-239.
    Kumar, V., J. Andrew Petersen, and Robert P. Leone (2010). Driving profitability by encouraging customer referrals: who, when, and how. Journal of Marketing, 74

    (September), 1-17.
    Pergelova, Albena, Diego Prior, and Josep Rialp (2010). Assessing advertising efficiency: does the internet play a role? Journal of Advertising, 39 (3, Fall), 39-54.
    Schmitt, Philipp, Bernd Skiera, and Christophe Van den Bulte (2011). Referral programs and customer value. Journal of Marketing, 75 (January), 46-59.
    Sethuraman, Raj, Gerard J. Tellis, and Richard A. Briesch (2011). How well does advertising work? Generalizations from meta-analysis of brand advertising elasticities.

    Journal of Marketing Research, 48 (June), 457-471.
    Tellis, Gerard J. (2009). Generalizations about advertising effectiveness in markets. Journal of Advertising Research, June, 240-245.
    Wood, Orlando (2012). How emotional tugs trump rational pushes the time has come to abandon a 100-year-old advertising model. Journal of Advertising Research, March,


    Presentation of Relevance of Metrics (10% of final mark)
    1. Objective:  Strengthen your skills related to analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of research articles v? Fortify your presentation skills
    2. Nature of Work: Individual work
    3. Expectations: When preparing your presentations, the following is expected :  Choose at least 2 (scholarly) articles related to the topic of your metrics

    presentation (from the article folder, you will see the links: Presentation of relevance of metrics). If you go beyond articles suggested by professor, you will

    receive a bonus (you need to specify which different articles you are using in your presentation).  Download chosen (scholarly) articles from the link, and synthesize

    (find a common ground for all pieces you gather in the analysis, integrate) all articles chosen.  Evaluate (criticize) articles and recommend (give advice) to your

    audience some lessons to learn from articles analyzed.  Prepare a presentation highlighting your synthesis, evaluation and recommendations from the articles chosen.

    Here you need to be as much creative as possible. IF YOU DECIDE TO USE POWERPOINT, ONLY 2 SLIDES ARE ALLOWED.  Present your work in a professional way.
    4. Deliverables: I expect you to deliver NOTES OF YOUR PRESENTATION OR a power point file of your presentation. Save the file as: Chapternumber_short title of your

    5. Time Limit for presentation: 5 minutes

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