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    Prescribing antibioitics for Bronchitis

    Nursing informatics – Prescribing antibioitics for Bronchitis

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    Content: You’re a masters prepared nurse who has a concern about one of the clinical issues listed above. You decide to write a quality improvement proposal to address

    the issue in your clinical practice.

    1. You are part of a medium sized team practice (inpatient unit or outpatient clinic). At a team meeting concerns were brought up by administrative staff concerning

    one of the issues you choose to address the topic – Prescribing of antibiotics for bronchitis. The issue is of concern to the team. You volunteer to head a QI effort

    to address the issue. How are you going to approach this problem?
    2. Write a 6 to 10 page paper that includes the following elements:
    • Establish a dedicated quality improvement team: Who do you want on your team? Will they be appointed or volunteer? How many members will be on the team, etc?
    • Establish aims/goals related to the problem (written in measurable terms)
    • Identify benchmarks and guidelines against which you want to compare your patients: identify best practices from the literature
    • Specify 2-5 outcome indicators
    • Develop a Chart Audit form. What data are going to be collected? These should relate to the goals of the QI project and the quality outcome indicators that you

    identified after reviewing best practices and guidelines.
    • Recommend at least 2 evidence-based clinical interventions designed to improve practice
    • Conclusion – brief review of key points
    • Incorporation of professional literature to support discussion; cited using correct APA format – (Pls address this part in the write up)

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