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    Poverty is the principal cause of hunger.

    Introductory Paragraph

    Its amazing scientist created Genetic modified organisms (GMO) in which worldwas a method created whether or not they are good or bad for humans. are used to modify more than 90% of corn bean and cotton grown in the United States. All though the arguments about the use of GMOs are raging across the United States, there are the positive benefits as well. There have been many studies both about the benefits of GMOs for world health and sustained productivity, and many about the possible health risks.

    Paragraph 2: Position (Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.)

    Topic Sentence:

    GMOs have the potential to solve many of the world’s hunger and malnutrition problems, while protecting and preserving the environment.

    There are benefits for GMOs, Consider the farmers and the challenges that are faced every day: crop loss from weeds, insects, and disease, and the effects of climate change such as drought, etc. GMOs framing first of all allow the resistance to insects through season long protection against target pest in which it reduces the need for pesticides and lowers the input cost. Farming has more resistance-ability to grow in much dryer areas through drought seasons.

    Farmers choose to grow genetically modified crops because of these benefits.

    GMOS animals?

    Detail A: Resistance to insects- Season long protection against target pest, reduces the need for pesticide applications and lowers input cost

    Detail B: Drought resistance-ability to grow in much dryer areas

    Genetically modified traits like insect-resistance and drought-resistance help to maximize yields and enable farmers to grow more food using less land and with fewer inputs like chemicals and fuel. Because of the superior weed control of genetically modified crops, farmers can till the soil much less often. That has led to improved soil health and water retention, reduced runoff, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. Additionally, genetically modified plants with more efficient use of nitrogen and other important nutrients mean less fertilizer is needed, saving farmers money and reducing the amount of fertilizer in the environment.

    Detail C: Enhanced nutrition- Nutrition

    Scientists have demonstrated biotechnology that can be used to increase the amounts of vitamins in crops such as sorghum and rice. So called “Golden Rice” is a nutritionally improved biotech crop. It is genetically engineered to provide an increased amount of beta-carotene. A serving of Golden Rice could provide half the required daily intake of pro-vitamin A for a 1 to 3 year old child.

    Poverty is the principal cause of hunger.

    GMOs give the opportunity for increased amount of product and a lower cost than organic for example , Carrots, for 1 ½ of GMO carrots the cost is $ .99 as for organic for ½ lb. the cost is $ 2.50 Importantly, GMOs also help to alleviate poverty for the millions of resource-poor farmers and farm families around the world

    Not only do seeds improved through genetic modification help them combat these challenges, but it can help them to use less of our precious resources like water and land.

    Paragraph 3: Opposition (To present a fair argument you need to research and outline some of the common positions that dispute your position ( i.e. if you are for chocolate for your position, here you would be writing why chocolate is bad). Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.)

    Topic Sentence: Some people worry that GMO foods may be linked to health hazards such allergies, antibiotic resistance, and cancer.

    Detail A: Allergies

    GMOs fail allergy tests

    No tests can guarantee that a GMO will not cause allergies. Although the World Health Organization recommends a screening protocol,[19] the GM soy, corn, and papaya in our food supply fail those tests—because their GM proteins have properties of known allergens.[20]

    GMOs may make you allergic to non-GM foods

    GM soy drastically reduces digestive enzymes in mice.[21] If it also impairs your digestion, you may become sensitive and allergic to a variety of foods.

    Mice fed Bt-toxin started having immune reactions to formerly harmless foods.[22]

    Mice fed experimental GM peas also started reacting to a range of other foods.[23] (The peas had already passed all the allergy tests normally done before a GMO gets on the market. Only this advanced test, which is never used on the GMOs we eat, revealed that the peas could actually be deadly.)

    Detail B: Antibiotic resistance

    The unintended consequences of genetic modification include an increased potential for new allergens in the food supply, antibiotic resistance, toxicity and environmental challenges. Genetic modification ultimately results in the introduction of new proteins into the food supply. True antibody mediated food allergies are an important health issue occurring in approximately 2% of adults and nearly 5% of children. Protecting people with food allergies from unwanted exposure to these new proteins represents a major public health challenge for genetically modified sources of food. Additionally, consumption of foods genetically modified by using “antibiotic resistance markers” may reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics to fight bacterial diseases. Antibiotic-resistant genes produce enzymes that degrade antibiotics and might be transferred to human or animal pathogens, also making them resistant to antibiotics. Finally, a gene selected for modification may have two functions, one with the desired effect and one that has an undesired effect like enhancing natural plant toxins. This occurs in legumes (protease inhibitors), lima beans (cyanogens) and canola species (goitrogens).

    Detail C: Cancer

    Paragraph 4: Rebuttal (In the final paragraph you will make a case as to why your position is correct versus the opposing position. Essentially, you will defend your side of the argument using examples and evidence to discount the opposition. Write a topic sentence that supports your thesis and provides a transition between the paragraphs. Then, record at least three details that provide support for the topic sentence.)

    Topic Sentence: Although the arguments against GMOs are persuasive, the scientific community has not weighed in definitively. However, I believe that increased nutrition for the world is the most important aspect of GMO sourced food.

    Detail A: Adequate food supply for booming population

    Detail B: reduction of production cost

    Detail C: Eliminating dangers of agricultural waste

    Conclusion: (Record a concluding sentence below. This should be your thesis restated in different words.)

    Concluding Sentence: I believe that the benefits outweigh the negative arguments due to the population growth and need for food resources. Although there are substantial arguments of the negative impacts on the health risk to society, and this topic of GMOs is challenging and controversial, but the benefits outweighs the concerns.



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    © 2016. Grand Canyon University. All Rights Reserved

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