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    Philosophy of Education Product, writing assignment help

    You should all have some form of a philosophy of education coming into class, you will want to dig this out in order to work on it.Your final project is the modification of this original philosophy, utilizing learned information from this semester to augment your original philosophy enhancing it with the application of a critical mindset seeking to provide a true equitable educational experience for all students.In particular the five philosophical questions, and guiding democratic questions should be addressed.It should be 10 pages.

    I encourage you to make something of value for yourself and your career.What that might be is up to you – look at it as a creative thesis project if that helps.What product would benefit you in your classroom?What can you use?What is something you can use as a reference or a guide for your classroom, your teaching, and/or your career?Whatever you create or write, it must contain the following:

    Philosophy Product Components

    1. Argued: Product successfully argues authors positions on the five educational philosophy questions (Democratic sub questions supplied for further contextual guidance) expressing an educational mindset and understanding. (please answer these question):

    Who is the educated person?

    Who is a citizen in democracy?

    What is good teaching?

    What are the ethical responsibilities of teachers?

    What is good learning?

    What is the relationship between schooling and social reproduction and transformation?

    What knowledge is of most worth?

    What are major issues that impact curriculum in the U.S today?

    What is the purpose of school in society?

    What is the role of education in a multicultural democratic society?

    What role should schools play in fostering greater equality and educational opportunity?

    2. Cited: Product must be supported with quotes, citations, and understandings from course material.

    All reading is fair game for use in your final product including:

    Blackboard Articles

    Noddings Textbook

    Goodlad Textbook

    In Class Assignments/Activities/Readings/Video

    3. Comprehensive: It should be representative of our class, but can overlap with other courses

    The focus should be on the five questions, and the readings and material for this class, but you may draw on material from others

    courses as secondary works.It should engage material from the ENTIRE course.

    4. Polished: Product is ready for submission to professor for assessment.

    This is a summative, yet ongoing product.What this means is, is that while we acknowledge it is a work in progress, it should be representative of the entire course.It should be well developed, constructed, and argued.It should be representative of your best work

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