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    New Planet Activity Sheet, writing homework help

    New Planet Activity Sheet

    Due to the pollution in the air, the Earth’s ozone layer is way too thin. Days are getting hotter and hotter. In a couple of days, the Earth is going to be too hot for humans to survive. NASA has a rocket that will send people to a new planet so that they can repopulate and the human species will not become extinct…the only problem is the rocket can only take 10 people!!! Select the 10 people who should go to the new planet. Explain why you selected these individuals.

    1. 35 year old female, has 3 children, graphic artist

    2. 12 year old male, straight A student, wants to be a police officer

    3. 59 year old male, computer technician

    4. 18 year old male, high school drop out, does not have a job

    5. 24 year old female, pregnant and expecting twins, teacher

    6. 25 year old female, fashion model

    7. 15 year old female, pregnant, high school student

    8. 16 year old male, boyfriend of #7, baby’s father

    9. 30 year old male, garbage collector, has a wife.

    10. 21 year old male, photographer, single

    11. 70 year old male, retired lawyer

    12. 50 year old female, doctor, cannot have children

    13. 45 year old male, investment banker, very wealthy

    14. 40 year old male, dentist

    15. 22 year old female, college student, studying the environment

    16. 30 year old male, famous actor, known to use drugs

    17. 14 year old female, soccer player, has part-time job as cashier

    18. 38 year old male, pilot and astronaut, has the flu

    19. 29 year old female, botanist (studies plants/trees)

    20. 49 year old male, governor of California

    21. 27 year old male, reporter for the local newspaper

    22. 30 year old female, cook, owns her own restaurant

    23. 10 year old male, farmer

    24. 60 year old female, astronomer

    25. 52 year old male, fisherman

    26. 49 year old female, aircraft repairwoman

    27. 22 year old female, singer, dancer, actress, smoker

    28. 28 year old male, professional basketball player

    29. 33 year old male, carpenter, has the chicken pox

    30. 28 year old female, psychologist, counselor, has fear of flying

    People Selected and Why


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