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    need writer to help me with this

    i need someone to write about two pages after follow the required bellow.

    Contract with God

    As you start your academic career here at Washington University, we want you 

    to ask God to take an active role in helping you succeed.  Hussin suggests you 

    make a contract with God.  Like an employment contract which establishes terms of 

    employment, compensation, and accountability, your contract with God should set the 

    terms for your goals for the first semester and how you plan to follow through with them.

    Write a contract between you and God listing five things you want God to do for you this 

    first semester.  For each of these five items, list at least three actions you plan to commit 

    to help reach those goals.  For example, if you want God to help you earn a 4.0 GPA, you 

    must commit to studying regularly, attending class, and doing all your assignments.

    As you write your contract and set your goals for this first semester, consider the 

    following question: What do you see as your biggest challenges, biggest fears, and 

    biggest dreams?  Push yourself to be honest in your contract, and write about why you’re 

    setting a particular goal, while also specifying what the goal is and how you will 

    determine success in that area.  Also write about the things you will use to keep you 

    motivated as you work toward your goals.  Add a Selfie to your contract so that you can 

    remember what you looked like as a newbie.  

    After writing your contract, please sign and date it and submit it to your FYE instructor 

    (you may submit your contract via the Desire2Learn dropbox, or you may submit a hard 

    copy at the beginning of class).  For additional information as you write your contract, 

    you can read about DeVon Franklin’s contract with God in chapter nine of Produced by 


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