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    Need help with Early Childhood Education writing assignment.

    Talking Points on Inclusion (100 points)

    Students will review the benefits of inclusion and will compile empirically supported talking points in defense of inclusion with references. Consider the audience to be skeptical parents and caregivers who do not want to send their children to inclusive settings.

    • Students should provide at least 5 talking points in support of inclusion.
    • Each talking point should be approximately one paragraph in length. The first sentence should be a strong statement about inclusion. In the sentences that follow, support the statement with data, policy, research, and/or examples.
    • Each talking point is worth up to 20 points for the following criteria:
      • Talking point is accurate and reflects current knowledge in the field. If relevant, data is provided.
      • Talking point is supported by research or recommended practice, and a reference is provided.
      • Talking point is written in a conversational (but professional) tone and is free of spelling and grammatical errors.
      • Talking point is convincing and thoughtful.
      • Talking point is respectful of differing viewpoints.

    The goal of this assignment is to write 5 distinct talking points about inclusion. To create 5 distinct paragraphs with your talking points. Each paragraph should be a new point and have data to support it. 

    This a big assignment for my final, I really need a serious tutor to help me.

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