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    Need help to write a Movie Review

    The purpose of this assignment is to critically review popular movies, documentaries, or television specials related to children with disabilities and their families. Select, view, and review one movie. See the website for more specific guidance for your review. Your reviews should be no longer than 4 pages (double spaced).

    Examples of possible movies are: The King’s SpeechWhat’s eating Gilbert Grape?Without apologyBilly the KidI am SamGirl, Interrupted;The Diving Bell and the Butterfly



    Points Possible

    Grading Decisions

    Brief overview of the movie

    Provide a brief (1-2 paragraph) synopsis of the movie in your own words. Be sure to include the nature of the disability that the movie focuses upon.


    10: Clearly describes the major characters and points of the movie.

    5:  Difficult to follow or understand

    0: Not your own work (i.e., Amazon description)*.

    Description of patterns of interactions

    How does the individual with disabilities speak or interact with others? What family, peer, and other interpersonal dynamics are at play? What interpersonal tensions or dilemmas are presented in the movie?


    20:  Clear and thorough description of interactions.

    10: Major elements are missing, so the description is difficult to understand.

    0: No description of interactions

    Climax and resolution

    Describe the central drama of the movie. What is the high-point or low-point that the main character experiences? How are issues resolved?


    20: Clear description of the central drama and resolution.

    10: Not clear that the main points of the movie were understood. Either the climax or resolution is missing.

    0: The climax and resolution are not described or are inaccurate.

    Your reaction

    Reflect on the individual’s story. What are the messages you will remember? What was important or distinctive?  Do you characterize the individual’s experience as positive?

    How will this movie influence the way you perceive, work with, or interact with individuals with disabilities?


    40:  Reflection is thoughtful. It considers the range of experiences described in the movie. It shows that you have grappled with the content and have thought about how it impacts you.

    30: Reflection on the experience is thoughtful, but it shows little connection to your own experiences or future.

    20: Reflection is minimal or simply rehashes what occurred in the movie. Connections to real life show little deep thought.

    10 or 0: Little to no reflection or application is evident.

    Writing and Style

    Writing is free from obvious spelling and grammatical errors.


    10:  Few or no errors.

    5: Up to 5 distracting errors.

    0: 5+ distracting errors.

    *Misrepresenting others’ writing as your own is an example of academic misconduct.

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