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    Mental Health;

    Mental Health;Nursing Theory Term 4 – Short Essays

    The body of the paper will be 5-6 pages in length, not including title page and references page.

    A minimum of 3 peer-reviewed or evidence-based sources (1 peer reviewed or researched journal article, 1 Foundational textbook in nursing, and 1 reputable internet

    website) must be used for this paper.
    Use of APA formatting from the “Publication Manual of APA 6th Edition” is required. You must use Level 1 headings in order to organize your academic paper.

    Choose Only Two from the following three cases in order to complete your two short essay assignments:
    Case A:
    A client with paranoid schizophrenia has made a great deal of improvement. His hallucinations have abated; he is taking his medications, is compliant, and is

    nonviolent. As the nurse is planning his discharge and discussing it with him, along with other members of the health care team, the client states, “I am not ready to

    be discharged yet. I think I need to stay a bit longer.”
    Case B:
    Matt Wexler is being admitted to the psychiatric unit for violent behaviour. He is a 28-year-old member of the Canadian Armed Forces who has just returned from three

    tours in Afghanistan. His girlfriend stated that he tried to strangle her when he confused her with an undercover Afghani secret agent. Marlene is the nursing student

    assigned to Mr. Wexler. She reviews his intake forms and health care provider’s orders. His diagnoses are post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, and psychosis.
    Case C:
    Mrs. Celia Scherer is a 33-year-old woman admitted to the medical-surgical unit for management of a bowel infection secondary to a colostomy. She has had a colostomy

    and colostomy pouch for three years, but she is not compliant in correctly cleaning the area and changing the dressing and pouch as required. She is placed on

    antibiotics to fight the infection, intravenous fluids to maintain hydration, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications for pain. Lucy is the nursing student

    assigned to Mrs. Scherer. Lucy’s priority in caring for Mrs. Scherer is to educate the patient about the importance of maintaining hygiene and to promote comfort.

    Nursing Theory Term 4 – Short Essay
    Your Short Essay Must INCLUDE     Marks
    Discuss how you would approach the case study as a Registered Practical Nurse (2 Paragraphs)     2
    Discuss how the nursing process (ADPIE) would influence your caring of the patient in the case study (4 to 5 Paragraphs)    4
    Conclusion: Brief summary of main points                (2 Paragraphs)    2
    Conclusion:  What influence will the knowledge gained from this assignment have on your future care of patients in similar situations as the one detailed in this case

    study? (2 Paragraphs)    2
    APA Format:
    Title page; page numbers; font (Courier or Times New Roman 12); whole paper is double spaced; one inch margins; proper citation format within the body of the paper;

    References List Page; minimum of 3 peer-reviewed or evidence-based sources; headings; and  proper sentences, spelling, and grammar.    4
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