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    Mengxia Zhang, writing assignment help

    i need reply 2 classmate resume

    each reply need more than 100 words

    first one is

    Mengxia Zhang

    I chose to create a chronological resume, and the resume is for international student who want to apply for North American jobs. Also, the chronological approach is the most common in scientific and technical fields. At the top of the page, my name is spelled as it appears on the passport. Because I am an international student, so I list job-related coursework, a high school to signal a country, and my natural language.

    her resume is in accessory

    and i have a examp of reply:

    hello mengxia! I would try to cut down the amount of classes you list, i would probably only list 6-8 classes or it will be too overwhelming for the employer! also i would try to come up with some type of accomplishments or awards received to add more to your resume so that you don’t have so much blank space. You can also add some type of complimenting sentence about how you are fluent in multiple languages so that employers will look at that and be highly impressed! and finally you may want to work on changing your font of your resume to something less bold and only bold the titles of things such as your name, and the headers for each category

    and the second classmate resume in here

    James Baer

    I created a chronological resume because I am pursuing a job in business and it includes my work experience first which I believe an employer pays great attention to. Therefore, if it is the first thing they see it can help. I organized it with the main points being bold and centered. Next I elaborated on each main point with bullet points to discuss a little about my strengths.

    his resume is in accessory too

    and here is another examp of reply james baer resume

    Hello James i think this is a very nice draft but a few things i would change would be not centering everything besides your name everything else should be left aligned on the side of the resume. Also i would probably not bold the headers of each section but rather make them more distinct with a line over them for example and only bold the most important things like your job title! also it is very important to get your resume to fit into one page most employers only take about 7 seconds looking at your resume so if you have it on two paged they aren’t going to see your information or even consider your resume because it takes too long to look at.

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