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    Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, writing homework help


    The Final Paper

    I have made this letter longer than usual because I lack the time to make it shorter. – Blaise Pascal

    By now you should have a healthy thesis statement and be completing an outline for the final paper. This is the time when problems with your focus appear or you might not be quite sure which examples to use to support the thesis, or you need another set of eyes to tell you if your discussion is analytical enough and whether or not it explains your thinking clearly. Use this thread to post questions you have about your paper or even to post brief paragraphs that you want feedback on. Whatever you post, be sure to ask specific questions about it.



    Please read this short explanation of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs. (Links to an external site.) How can you apply the material you encounter in Maslow’s theory to Ghettoside (and any of our other texts, include Twilight if you’ve begun it) and what we’ve learned so far about Los Angeles? While there is much that is questionable about Maslow’s theory, it does seem to me that manipulation of human motivations is one of the prime tools of social control and basic human needs, gone unmet, are one of the prime motivations of social rebellion. How do you feel this has been expressed in the works we are reading and what we have learned from the mini-research assignments and even from our Homicide Reports? How do you see this particularly playing out in Los Angeles?


    Cats and Grammar

    I am including another sample research paper this week (see the attachment in the discussion board prompt, above) for your consideration. As with the last paper, what comments would you make to help this student with his paper? Apply what you’ve learned from the Peer Editing information provided this week.

    The internet being a vast and cat- and troll-filled place, it is also home to all kinds of helpful nerds. Let’s also use this thread to share our favorite grammar-focused sites. I have already shared the Purdue OWL and what still remains of Hacker to be had for free. I’ll also share Grammar Girl though, sadly, since her site has become so popular there are many, many ads. Here’s a link to Grammar Girl’s great post about the three horsemen of the grammatical apocalypse, Dashes, Colons, and Commas (Links to an external site.), for you to enjoy.

    Where do you go for reliable grammar advice in the depths of the www?

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