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    Managing change

    Managing change: Assignment 1: Individual Reflective Report.

    The Report should be submitted electronically  via Moodle
    It is suggested that effective personal management of change is the root to effective organizational change.
    This assignment focuses on personal change and requires you to consider how your own personal readiness and responsiveness may impact on your ability to support

    effective organizational change.
    Your discussion should:
    ?    Examine the nature of change in the current environment
    ?    Explore the factors influencing an individuals’ capacity for change in terms of skills, attributes, qualities, behaviours etc. and the implications for

    personal readiness for change
    ?    Identify your personal responsiveness to change utilising a range of Inventories, questionnaires etc. and assess the implications for your ability to support

    or lead organizational change
    This should be in the form of a reflective report of 2500 words (+/- 10%).
    This Report should have the following components:
    ?    Executive summary – a précis or summary of the whole report
    ?    Contents Page – with main sections and page numbers
    ?    Introduction – objectives and structure of report
    ?    Methodology – how you collected the data, type of literature accessed, what inventories used etc.
    ?    Findings/Discussion – divided into subsections, integrates theory and practice
    ?    Conclusions
    ?    Appendices – a summary of key results from inventories, questionnaires etc.

    Content and Processes
    When working out the requirements of an assignment it is useful to use the following approach

    This is the most important aspect of the whole process. If you do not address the assignment question then you cannot deliver a good assignment and your hard work,

    effort and time will have been wasted. Failing to address the question means that you lose marks.
    If you are not clear then check with the unit tutor what is required.


    •    Read the Assignment Brief in the MC unit handbook/ Page 1 of this booklet
    •    Identify the content words and the process words
    •    What is the content of this assignment?


    •    What processes need to be applied to the content?


    •    What format/structure is required?


    Organising and Planning Material to meet Word count
    Executive Summary     About 350 words ( does not contribute to overall word count)
    Introduction    Approx 150 words
    Methodology    Approx 250 words
    Findings/Discussion    Approx 1700 words
    Conclusions    Approx 400 words

    •    When and how is it to be delivered?


    ALWAYS read the ASSESSMENT CRITERIA & FEEDBACK SHEET for further clues about the assignment requirements

    In Summary
    This assignment focuses on the work/content covered in the following Workshops:
    ?    Agenda for Change
    ?    Triggers for Change
    ?    Personal Response to Change
    ?    Planning for Personal Change

    The discussion needs to start by outlining the nature of change, why it is such a big issue and how our thinking about change has changed over time. This provides a

    context. You should be referring to VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity).
    There needs to be some consideration of the triggers for personal change – remember you are looking at what influences or triggers change in individuals – so do not

    get sucked into discussing organizational change. Consider both internal & external triggers; look at the events in your own lives, which change over time, and look at

    the broader environment – this is not an assignment about organizational change.

    Then you need to look at what characteristics are found in individuals that influence their response to change – so you need to consider how values, life events and

    personality traits create patterns of behaviour that can be positive or negative in relation to change. All this must be underpinned by academic citations.

    Next, you must assess your own profile in terms of how well you respond to change – this means that you must gather some personal data by completing inventories,

    questionnaires etc and use these to analyse yourself. www.mindtools.com    is a very useful website for quick and free questionnaires – but also use the ones provided

    in the various workbooks.

    You should be able to come to some conclusions about your responsiveness to change – and you can then assess your potential for leading change successfully in the

    current climate which is VUCA

    Much of the academic literature focuses on organizational change, however if you examine self- help books/ articles on personal development or life coaching you will

    find a great deal of material that is useful. You will also find that Articles on Psychology of sport are useful
    Adams, J.D. (1976)Transition: understanding & managing personal change, Martin Robertson
    Amos, J.A (1999) Self-management & personal effectiveness: how to achieve your personal goals in life and at work, 2nd Edn, How To Books
    Whetton, D.A. & Cameron, K.S. (2005) Developing management skills, 6th Edn, Pearson Education Inc
    Winstanley, D. (2005) Personal effectiveness: a guide to action, CIPD

    Farrell, P.A.(2003) How to be your own therapist: a step-by-step guide to building a competent, confident life, McGraw Hill
    Orsborn, C.M. (2000) Inner excellence at work: the path to meaning, spirit and success, AMACON
    Policy Press (2009) Managing transitions: support for individuals at key points of change
    Published Bristol : Policy Press 2009

    Remember to look at the reading list provided in the unit handbook too.
    For further Guidance on Report Writing,  consult information provided in the general MSc Moodle site or in  the APP unit. You will also find a Harvard Referencing

    Guide book in this section.

    Feedback Policy
    Feedback will be in the form of:
    •    Formative feedback in workshops/tutorials/ on drafts of assignments ( once only)
    •    Annotation on scripts
    •    Individual developmental feedback sheets
    •    Group feedback on Moodle

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