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    League of legends question, writing homework help

    I want essay about video game which is League of Legends. My teacher’s

    rule is to write one introduction, three body paragraphs, and

    concluding. The introduction should has five compound or complex

    sentences. Each body should has one topic sentence and two details. Each

    two detail should has four supporting details. The concluding should

    has five sentence. The hole essay must be written in compound or complex

    sentence. Don’t use is, are, they, we, us, you, your, I, me, my, mine,

    our, one. Don’t use past tense or future tense. Also don’t use he or

    she, her or him, his or hers. This is my outline for the essay.

    Awesome League of Legends

    Thesis: Awesome League of Legends combine intelligent developers, amazing championship, and players love to play a perfect game.

    I. Intelligent developers suggest monthly update and new champions resulting in this game providing.

    A. Monthly update encourages the players to keep playing the game.

    B. New champions give the players the opportunity to try them.

    II. Amazing championship showcases award precious and strong challenge to attract the teams

    A. Precious award promotes participants to win the title.

    B. Strong confrontation creates enthusiasm to make the fans have fun

    III. Players love want challenge game and hard champions to spend their time in this game.

    A. Challenge game elates the players to work hard in every game.

    B. Hard champions support the challengers to change their champions.

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