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    Job Description , writing homework help

    *Note: your responses should be thorough. You can respond beneath each question, or you can write in full paper/paragraph format. Your total response should be a minimum of 400 words, and a maximum of 600 words.

    *Also, please upload a copy or a screenshot of each of the job postings your search generated (4 total—2 each from O*Net and Indeed)


    Job Description Assignment. This assignment is intended to:

    1. introduce you to, or increase your familiarity with, job search websites and the content included in job postings,
    2. help you explore your career interests,
    3. pinpoint the knowledge and skills you can develop to become qualified for a position of interest.


    1. Visit the O*NET website.
      1. Click on the hyperlink, “Find Occupations.”
      2. In the textbox under “Keyword or O*NET-SOC Code,” enter an occupation of interest (for example, “Human Resource Manager.”)
      3. Use the generated links to look up the listing for 2 different jobs you might be interested in upon graduation.
      4. Examine the job description, job specifications, and salary information for each job.
    1. Visit the job search website Indeed.com.
      1. Look for similar jobs using the Indeed search engine (e.g., enter “Human Resource Management” into the “what” textbox).
      2. Again, examine the job description, job specification, and salary information for two (2) jobs.

    Answer the following questions for each of the two jobs:

    1. What similarities and differences did you find between the job descriptions, job specifications, and salary information listed on the different websites?
    2. How well qualified are you for the positions? What additional training and experience do you need for the positions?
    3. How might you use this information in your job search/career?

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