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    You are a recently appointed consultant with your chosen organization. Choose a department of your choice or one you are currently working for and complete the following tasks in seven pages.

    LO2: Be able to develop plans for own area of responsibility to implement operational plans

    2.2 – Write objectives which are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time- based to align people and other resources in an effective and efficient way.

    2.1 – Design plans which promote goals and objectives for own area of responsibilities

    2.3 – Implement appropriate systems to achieve objectives in the most efficient way, on-time, on-budget and meeting organizational standards of quality

    2.4 – Carry out work activities to meet the operational plan through effective monitoring and control

    LO3: Be able to monitor appropriate systems to improve organisational performance

    After designing plans and objectives your team now has to design and monitor systems for your relevant departments/areas of business.

    3.1 –Design systems to manage and monitor quality standards specified by your department

    3.2 – Demonstrate a quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process

    3.3 – Recommend improvements which align with the organizations objectives and goals and which result in improvements

    3.4 – Report on the wider implications of proposed changes within the organisation/department

    Guidelines for Task 2

    2.2 – Choose an organization and department of work. For your chosen department write two objectives within the limitations of the department and which align with the corporate objectives

    2.1 – Design a plan on how to achieve the objectives. Include market research, product development, customers, time management, risk and budget.

    2.3 – Include an implementation plan to achieve the objectives on-time and on-budget including work based structure and a Gantt chart

    2.4 – Provide details on how the activities will be carried out by providing details on meeting product and service specifications and standards, meeting quality, meeting quantity, meeting time, meeting budget, coordinating activities and statistical process control

    3.1 – Explain TQM and what quality systems can be implemented in your plan that will assist you in achieving your objectives.

    3.2 – Provide information on how your department will monitor, evaluate and develop the quality process

    3.3 – Recommend a change within your department (ensure that it meets objectives). What is the result of this change?

    3.4 – How will the change undertaken in 3.3 impact on the stakeholders (shareholders, members, employees, customers, suppliers, and environment?)

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