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    1-With all the security risks involved with public networks, should there be less of them in the future? 2- Why Networking Seems Complex 3- In the United Kingdom, mobile signals are not available for all providers across the nation. Rural areas suffer a lack of signal. According to the UK Government, “Partial “notspots”, where there is coverage from some but not all of the mobile networks, affected a fifth of the UK, leaving people unable to make calls or send texts” (BBC News Technology, 2014).

    They proposed that providers be compelled through regulations to provide 2G services (notice not even 3G/4G) for the following:

    – National roaming

    – Infrastructure sharing

    – Virtual networks so that coverage contracts with single providers would be extended to all providers

    – Coverage obligation – the providers must agree among themselves which will cover a certain percentage of the UK, and that they will all use the networks for the national roaming plan

    Class: Please share your thoughts on regulatory allocation of resources and infrastructure to support national services goals?


    BBC News Technology. (2014, November 4). Government crackdown on mobile ‘notspots’. http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-29897202 4- How Data Passes Through Layers?

    5-What are some of your experiences with cloud computing?

    6-Do you feel that with more people connecting to the internet through mobile and wireless devices, that it will phase out traditional methods? Would it greatly affect internet speeds if everyone connects more through wireless devices?

    7- Multiple Clients And Multiple Servers

    8-Explain API with example

    9-Introduction to Internetworking

    10-Tell us about your troubleshooting best practices in your current job. How might you generalize those skills and apply them to network troubleshooting?

    11-Describe wired and wireless networks.

    12-Explain how information is transmitted across a network using the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

    13-Do you have any experiences with DSL or dial up connections that caused major issues? Do you think one may still be better than the other for a person today?

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