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    HUMAN CLONING, writing homework help


    MY TOPIC IS HUMAN CLONING and the possibilities and ways of successfully cloning humans, and the sciences behind it.

    The next assignment due in the course will be an annotated bibliography of FOUR unique sources

    Each annotated bibliography citation has two main parts: a complete citation done in either MLA or APA formatting guidelines, AND a summary paragraph.

    Annotated Working Bibliography

    In addition to the citation information needed for documenting and locating a source, an annotated bibliography includes a brief summary or evaluation of the source. Typically, that means an annotated bibliography is about a paragraph long (might be a fat paragraph). In a sentence, you want to give a quick summary of the entire article’s topic: “This essay is about X.” Then, you will want to read for the thesis, the argument of the source. Write this down, too.

    Besides these two sentences, you can decide what other information you want to include. Often, an annotated bibliography takes a few sentences to give a basic summary of the entire article or book. Maybe you want to write down some of the major ideas that the author used to support his or her claims. Perhaps you want to pull out some statistical information and put it in the annotated bibliography. You could write a note to yourself about the source’s merit in terms of your own argument, i.e. tell yourself to remember to use this article for your essay or let it go.

    Additional Instructions:

    For the research project essay, you will need to find source material to use as support in your argument. A Google search or Yahoo search is NOT the appropriate method for finding solid and credible research materials. Instead, you will want to go to the different databases located on the Weber State Library homepage: www.library.weber.edu (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

    The three best databases to start with are: Academic Search Premier, Google Scholar, and JStor. (Please note, Google Scholar is much different than regular ole’ Google)

    Each of these three searchable databases are linked to dozens, if not hundreds, of journals and magazines. Most of these publications are peer reviewed. Because the articles have been peer reviewed, they have gone through a rigorous vetting process. You know that the material in the article has been studied and approved by experts in the field. This is not true of material you might find simply Googling something. That’s why I said above that doing research via Google or Yahoo or whatever isn’t acceptable for college level work. Research papers using only Google/browser webcrawler sources will be marked down.

    If you can visit a university library like the Weber State Library or the Utah State library, etc. that would be excellent. You will also be able to find books that might help you with your research. If you are not able to get to a university library, that’s okay. You can still access plenty of material through the Weber State Library webpage.

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