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    Hospitality/ business paper: ​Doing Business Overseas​

    Doing Business Overseas – Due April 18


    Attention: No plagiarism tolerated

    You recently have been hired as a junior manager in the corporate offices of a new fast growing hotel chain. Senior management is aggressively expanding overseas and you have been asked to report on the challenges and potential problems of opening a new hotel in a foreign city where English is not the first language. Pick a foreign city and follow the requirements discussed below.

    The assignment requires you to prepare a written report which must be uploaded by the end of the day on April 18 via Turnitin. (over 20% is considered excessive copying and will lead to point deductions). No more than 5 pages excluding bibliography. Late papers will not be accepted.

    The paper should be divided into the parts and labeled accordingly. The percentage of grade for each section is identified below.

    • Explain in detail why people are attracted to the city. 5 %
    • Political environment of city and country and how it would impact hotel 10 %
    • Barriers to entry – legal and economic barriers to entry. Restrictions on foreign investment/need to use local partner 10 %
    • Language and cultural issues which would impact construction, management and success of hotel 10 %
    • Religious environment – How it impacts hotel 5 %
    • Attitude towards women in the workforce and as guests; how it impacts the hotel 5 %
    • Currency issues; conversion rates; ability to repatriate money 5 %
    • Short term and long term economic environment 10%
    • Competition for hotel in the city and how it impacts your recommendations 10 %
    • Security and Safety 10 %
    • Recommendation and Conclusion 10 %
    • Bibliography 10%

    Resources for Research

    US Government sources

    Export.gov (U.S. Department of Commerce)

    US commercial service http://www.trade.gov/cs/ – Access the U.S. Commercial Service Market Research Library containing more than 100,000 industry and country-specific market reports, authored by our specialists working in overseas posts.


    State department – Office of Commercial and Business Affairs

    Usembassy.gov – embassies in specific countries

    Foreign Country Sources

    General web sites; Washington DC embassies, Consulate offices

    US local business chambers of commerce in specific countries

    International Banks, Law Firms and CPA Firms

    For example: http://www.pwc.in/thewinningleap (future of India); KPMG – Doing Business in Russia

    Articles in Hospitality magazines and public reports of large hotel chains – FIU Library Hospitality Database

    Your Grade: Your grade will be based on thoroughness, sophistication of information as well as the style of writing.

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